Jumpstart 2014 and help a family start a business

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jumpstart bundle 2014Did 2013 turn out the way you’d hoped? Did you accomplish all those goals?  Do you have some lofty goals for 2014?

When Ashlee Thurlow suggested contributing a product to this great cause, I knew I needed to raise my hand. Take a quick look through this post & I think you’ll see exactly what I mean. Even if you just want one or 2 things from this bundle you’ll be golden!  Plus, we’re sending a good chunk of this to help families start their own farm! I’m really excited about that part!

Introducing the 2014 Jumpstart Bundle!

With over $800 worth of amazing products, for only $39!  That’s huge!

Flock of Hope Heifer.org

Flock of Hope (Donation)

As a nod to the holiday season, we also wanted to give back and do something to help others.  So we’ve decided to team up with Heifer International and donate 10% of each bundle sold to help buy needy families flocks of chicks, ducks and geese.  Through Heifer these families not only get a nutritious food supply, they also start farms and businesses with these animals.  And as part of their contract with Heifer, they must also pay it forward and donate some of their flocks to another needy family in their area, changing those lives forever as well.  Through this bundle we are creating business men and women, educated children & adults, and properly nourished & healthy families with better food and medical care. Join us in changing your life & also those around the world?


  • Kat Loterzo – The Look Great Naked Eating Plan – $5 7 – An eating plan that is full of amazing recipes, great info, shopping lists and virtually everything else you’ll need to make 2014 your healthiest year yet.
  • Amanda Daley @ Fuel Urban Wellness  –  Time Poor, Health Rich – $14.95  –  “I just don’t have enough time to cook healthy meals/workout/take time for self care!”  Sound familiar?  If you’re hoping to make 2014 your healthiest year yet, and yet you’re not really sure when you’ll have time to really make it all happen.  Look no further! This book is packed full of small, simple actions you can take to achieve vibrant health, with minimal time!


  • Ashley Wilhite @ Your Super Awesome Life – Transition Made Easy eBook  – $49 –  Moving? Starting a business?  Changing jobs?  Or quitting your job?  Getting married?  Having a baby?  Life is full of changes, challenges and transitions.  2014 probably won’t be an exception!  This workbook is packed full of exercises and wisdom to help you become confident & courageous and take major action toward the life you want to live.
  • Lina Sanden – Breakthrough Resistance  Course – $49 – Can’t seem to finish what you start? Fear getting in your way?  This workbook will walk you through battling your resistance in a practical way so you can ditch fear and go for all your goals this year!  This item is Pre-sale. Sign up through the PDF in the bundle and you’ll get the workbook as soon as Lina releases it. (Will be within the next few weeks, no later!)
  • Clare Fielder @ The Virtual Nudge  – The Everyday Moments Course  – $27.99 – Spend 14 days changing the stale and boring routines that have you feeling a little ‘blah’ and spending a few moments each day with inspirational videos and small challenges throughout the day to start celebrating and living more!
  • Also from Clare – The Big Nudge – $19.99 – Get organized for those special days and moments in the lives of your loved ones by setting up ‘virtual nudges’ that remind you to send that card, that flower arrangement or the gift to your Grandma, Mom, sister or best friend!  Put a smile on someones face (and yours too!) by using the nudges included in the bundle.
  • Rebecca Hulse – The Big (Badass) Book of Judgement – $55 – This is a boot-camp designed to free yourself from limitation judgement and limited thinking, and kick your ass into gear for 2014.  In a sweet, sassy and to the point ebook with daily challenges and radical new ways of thinking you can completely unfreeze yourself from judgement paralysis in 2014 to find way more ease than you ever thought possible with those big new year targets.DSC_2564
  • Cate Brubaker @ Small Planet Studios –  The Re-Entry Reality Ebook –  $29 – Recently been abroad, or want to live abroad soon?  This book is a fantastic resource to help both your heart & your mind transition from living abroad.
  • Alexis Pierce – New Year, New You Guide – $14.99 – Transition from 2013 to 2014 with grace & gratitude with this guide, workbook and meditations. Plot your course for where you want to go and who you want to be.
  • Trish Funk @ Finances with Funk – Change Your Money Mindset – $37 – Is 2014 the year you want to earn more money and gain more control over your finances? Maybe pay off debt? In this course you’ll learn to identify the money issues and mindsets holding you back, get those out of the way, and make a solid plan to earn more and be in control of your money, once and for all.
  • Deb Lange – How to Choose Powerfully – $47 – This ebook & mp3 course will help you notice your energy and learn to ‘follow your gut’ in a helpful and practical way.
  • Inner Beauty Insights from Robin Meredith – A 3 Month Membership to IBI – $39 – Want to connect with more like minded women in 2014? Want to grow in your intuition, voice and power, while celebrating inner beauty?  Inner Beauty Insights aims to help you with just that!


  • Laura Simms @ Create As Folk  –  The Roadmap to Action  –  $27  – The you-sized guide to planning and charting your unique course, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ planner & workbook! Become the expert on you, and what matters most to you, and embrace that in 2014.
  • Pernille Norregaard @ The Divine Writer – Create a Divine Daily Writing Practice – $34 –  Stop procrastinating and start taking your writing dreams seriously with the help from this ebook. Find freedom from fear and excuses and finally write that book or course you’ve been dreaming about!
  • Nicola Holland – The 2014 Goal Setting Map for Your Online Business –  $28 –  A fantastic goal setting roadmap and planner that breaks down the whole year into bite sized pieces of goal planning goodness!  It’s aimed at creating a crystal clear road map for online entrepreneurs who also appreciate beautiful art!  Bonus- Beautiful art drawings throughout that you can even COLOR! How cool is that?!
  • Temmy Ola  @ My Small Business Branding – DIY SEO for Bloggers Guide – $14.99 -An easy to read & easy to understand guide to SEO for your blog or website. Rise to the top of Google and get tons more traffic and clients!
  • Loralee Hutton – How To Automate Your Biz – $29 – Learn to Free up your time, have less stress, work with more clients & make more money with this ebook! Includes ebook, workbook pages & a list of must have tools!
  • Lacy Boggs @  GhostBlogger.co – Blogstorm Course – $97 – An audio & worksheet course helping you create 6 months of awesome blog content in record time and feel more conifdent in your content marketing (or just get started on a blog and make the first 6 months the most productive possible!)
  • Renee Shupe @ Redhead Business Solutions – Build An Awesome Business Membership – $130 –  Training to help you tame the tech in your business, polish your website and start making  real money in your business! (2 months access included in the bundle.)
  • Marama @ Esense Web Design – How to Talk To Google Guide – $20 –  Learn how to set your site and your blog posts up for success in Google rankings so you can increase your bottom line.  Marama is also including a $50 credit for one of her courses or other services!
  • Claire Gillenson – 21 Day Amplify Your Heart & Biz Course  – $21 – This course infuses self care and reflection into your daily routine in bit sized pieces so you can accomplish more in 2014 and be less stressed.  (Presale through the bundle, sign up on the site and you’ll start getting the course emails starting Jan 1st!)
  • Ashlee Thurlow – Simple Business Handbook – $30 – This never before released workbook/handbook takes you through the essential steps you must take in order to start, or run a business that is simple, not complicated and never full of 100 hour work weeks.  Through owning & running a ‘simple business’ you’ll be able to spark that amazing life you’ve been dreaming about! Bonus: Membership in the group coaching program called the “Sur-Thrival Club”, don’t just survive in life, thrive! And take your business with you.

If you’re interested in cashing in on this amazing deal, jumpstarting your 2014 AND making a huge difference to those in 3rd world countries, click below to purchase.

Click here to purchase:  2014 Jumpstart Bundle – $39

jumpstart bundle button(Note: When you click the buy bundle button you’ll be taken directly to Paypal. You’ll see Ashlee Thurlow.com at the top. She’s the amazing woman who put this together & is delivering $800+ content to you & sending the money to Heifer.org.  If you have any problems at all, please send me a message and I’ll help.)

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  1. Christopher James

    2013 was generally a good year. But I’m hoping that 2014 is going to be even better. I hope yours too

  2. Elizabeth Goddard

    I’ve had a look through this, and it looks super great and worth the money, BUT I have a million courses, ebooks, etc sat unused, and tbh knowing they’re there stresses me out. Investment in these products is surely only worth it if I actually use it… and the market is currently saturated, as am I! What’s your advice for using a never ending supply of products like these?

    • Loralee Hutton

      Elizabeth, this is such a great question & one I personally struggle with too. I do wonder if it’s a bit symptomatic of the circles we’re in? I’m not sure it’s as prevalent outside, but I could be wrong.

      A couple of practical things I do to help feel like I haven’t wasted time & money on courses?

      1. I have an “inventory” system (I’ll include the link below) and make a quick note of new courses as I buy them
      2. I add a recurring appointment (1 hour studying “X course”) in my calendar to go through a specific course or program (I cancel the recurring appointment when I feel like I’ve focused on it enough).
      3. I try not to buy if I know I’m not going to use it.

      How about you? Any other tips?


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