Know your Primary Goal

by | Jul 28, 2012 | Business

Or… just look into a crystal ball?

Know the main reason for re-designing your business.  Is it to create more freedom, money, fun in your life, flexibility to create new products and services or write a book?  Some people may call this “life purpose”. There are many variations of this.

Just because it “makes sense” to build a bigger business and generate more income, doesn’t mean it’s what motivates you personally.  Get in touch with your primary motivation, refine it if needed before moving forward.

The questions is not ‘what do I want to do with my life?’, but ‘How do I want to feel in my life.” ~ Alex Baisley of

You may want to do these exercises to help you bring clarity to your goals.

1. Visualize or paint a picture of how you’d like your life to be in 3-5 years.  How do you feel?  Write down the words
2. Write your ideal day/week
3. Think about 3 people you really admire (alive or dead) and write down a list of 10 qualities. Do you see a theme? These are usually also qualities you see in yourself, and will help you move toward your goal. Keep these words handy for other projects as you’re moving forward.

Action to Take:

1. Write about your ideal day/week and some theme words in your journal.
2. Save any new business ideas that pop up during this process in your binder or journal

These resources helped me:

1. Janet Attwood  – “Terrorism is in the mind.”   The passion test is free, asks 7 questions and takes 3 minutes
2. The Work – download worksheets.  There is free help on this website with trained facilitators.

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