Last Minute Decisions

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Blog Challenge, Business

image.pngThis is part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge series, where I’m challenging myself to update my blog every single day during July 2013

It seems that the day prior to leaving for any kind of big event I have a snowball effect with drama in my life. Things that would otherwise possibly not frazzle me.  But with the added pressure of packing, making sure I have the right addresses & just plain old “pre-conference jitters” I turn into a not so cool version of myself.

At least I know what to expect & can sometimes apologize before I do something really idiotic. And, I learn to cut things from my “to do list” with ruthless abandon. This time, here’s what didn’t make the cut:

  1. visit to the salon
  2. visit to the doctor for something to help tame a nagging cough
  3. the pedicure I wanted
  4. laundry
  5. making at least one proper meal today
  6. 2 extreme witty & wise emails to send out to my mailing list
  7. promotion of the 14 Day Product Challenge sales page
  8. add awesome music to my mp3 player for the trip

Not a single one of these will be finished. I’m not choosing to staying up all night (like I may have 10 years ago). I would much rather arrive in Portland intact (scruffy because I didn’t hit the salon – but intact) than be so tired I sleep the week away and miss out on the fun.

Life is full of little micro decisions. How do you make yours?



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