Loralees Gifts for Awesome People

Loralees Gifts for Awesome People

One of my mentors has a page like this. I liked it so much I decided it was time to implement it with my own ever growing collection of “freebie opt ins”.  If you’ve just signed up for 1 of my offers & arrived on this page, hopefully you won’t feel too overwhelmed. This will be here for you, forever. Bookmark this page and come back when you need it. Or watch for little reminders in your inbox when I’ve added  new gift.

Anything in this folder is available for you to use in your business or personal life (can’t be resold)

Update December 23, 2014:  These resources and more are available at http://biztrainingclub.com (free)

  1. 43 Questions webinar & resource list
  2. How to Outsource (This was a 9 lesson ecourse, turned into a PDF by request of several subscribers)
  3. Rebrand as Me – course
  4. Google Plus Step By Step Guide
  5. JustRetweet Step By Step Guide
  6. Favorite WordPress Plugins
  7. Telesummit Checklist
  8. PR for Ordinary People  (password: haro)
  9. My Tools page (all the resources I use in my own business)

Also, if you have been a customer of biztrainingclub.com or loraleehutton.com in the past 12 months, there are some other cool licenses (mostly for WordPress) you can request access too, including:

  1. Runclick (create live & evergreen webinars with google hangouts)
  2. Instant Header software
  3. CommentLuv Premium
  4. Premium WordPress Themes
  5. Graphics pack (1000’s of images)
  6. Contest Blitz (Pending approval to share with clients)
  7. JV Giveaway Plugin

To request your copy send an email to before the 31st of this month. We install these plugins for you & will schedule any requests from the 31st for the next month.


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