May Madness Sale – Is Over

Thank you! It’s been a fantastic 10 days

Creating your first webinar or teleseminar can be scary!  I get it! They used to scare me too!

Your First Webinar_loralee_hutton

What if I told you Webinars don’t need to be scary?

That it’s as easy as picking up the phone to call a friend, or client? And that you can make a decent income adding Webinars to your offerings?

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in various stages of business.  And webinars is one of the things that’s kind of a challenge, for everyone.  What I’ve learned is that after you’ve done one, it’s not as scary the next time.

So, I’ve put this package together for you so you can get over the initial jitters. Host your first webinar & then move on to bigger and better things!  Without feeling scared.  Sound good?

Inside this package you’ll receive:


a case study: one of my favorite clients took his “live in person” workshop & turned it into an online workshop.  It brought in over $800 – the very 1st time.

green-check213 checklists to help stave off the jitters (hand some tasks off to an assistant or one of your kids)


Worksheet to help you pick a topic for your ideal audience


Step by Step guide to set up your webinar, create the pages on a WordPress site, and how to structure your emails

green-check2a video tutorial from me, to guide you through the steps (also available in Mp3 format to listen on a portable device)


All for $7 with the 10 Day May Madness Sale

Get your Checklists, Video Training & Step-By-Step Workbook Here

for only $7.00 $39 USD


10 things you can do with this kit

  1. Host your own webinar with the step by step workbook
  2. use the same kit to plan a teleseminar
  3. Turn one of your live workshops into a virtual workshop (including sharing worksheets, having class discussion and answering Q&A)
  4. Record a webinar and save it as training  you can sell later
  5. Transcribe your webinar and turn it into a workbook, PDF or ebook
  6. Export the audio and create a checklist from your own notes. Bundle as Mp3 & checklist and sell on your website or give away to your clients
  7. Hand checklists to your subcontractors or assistant and have them prepare a powerpoint presentation with it
  8. Record a series of webinars and bundle them together as a course (5 modules or lessons with worksheets and possibly a community forum)
  9. Use your webinar as an opt-in or a freebie to filter new leads onto your email list
  10. Bring together some of your VIP clients and hold an exclusive Q&A just for them. 


arcsoft image 36bI know you probably don’t know me.  So I thought I’d share with you what some of my clients (who are often also become friends) have to say.

I’ve been helping solopreneurs find simpler ways to work with technology since 2000 ~ and I still love it.

What other people say!

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 This offer is only available from May 6-15th


Only $7  (sale ended)

after the 10 day madness sale, “Your First Webinar” will return to it’s usual price of $39


After you place your order and confirm payment you will be redirected to a “thank you” page with access to download the files & click through to watch your training videos.  Please include your name & email address too, so that I can send you updates to the video training program as they are released.

If for some reason you’re not redirected, please send me an email at and I’ll get a link to you asap.


guaranteedIf for any reason you feel this product did not deliver, your money will be gladly refunded. Simply write and let me know within 30 days of purchase. It just makes great business sense!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!