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” I really like this website, and this website, and this one! Do you know of a theme that’s like it?”

And then I write back and say….

 “This website is using ____theme.”

And you say to me… “how did you know that?”


It’s not magic... you have the same information at your fingertips all day long.

Where can I find this “Magic Info”?

On a PC right click and choose the option that says “view page source”

On a Mac try Command + U or check out this screenshot here (Safari instructions)

And then…


page source

(Yes, it might look like gobble-de-gook code – don’t panic)

…..scroll down to look for a file that looks something like this:

Do you see where it says wp-content/themes/ ?

This is where wordpress stores theme information. In this case, the theme name is called Minimal.

And then I google with this phrase:

WP theme Minimal

google wp theme minimal

and I’m taken to a list of themes with that name. Sometimes I”m lucky and find what I’m looking for right away.

And you think I’m made of magic faerie dust 🙂

What questions do people ask you that are super-easy to answer & leave you looking like a magician?

p.s. This question might lead to some interesting cues about where your “genius” is (and easy income streams) Stay curious and open minded when answering this question.

p.p.s. It’s the start of another “Ultimate Blog Challenge“. My regular blog updates will go on pause & you’ll only hear from me once per week so that you won’t drown under the “Loralee has written a new blog post” updates!!  Because I care.

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