Marketing & Newsletter Editorial Calendar: Where do I start?

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We all know that it’s important to stay in contact with our current clients, and potential clients & leads. But when we’re busy with work, and life sometimes it just doesn’t happen unless we make a plan to get it done.  And getting it done can be a little overwhelming too, right?  Well, here’s a tool that you can use to quickly brainstorm a list of topics your ideal customer will want to know about, and prepare you for an entire year of content.  (modify this and use it for blog posting, or for your newsletter)

Time: You’ll want to set aside 45 minutes – 1 hour (but it saves so much more time throughout the year)

Download & follow along with this 5 easy steps for your Full Year Editorial Calendar

Excel version Here

PDF Bundle Here (right click and “save as” to download .zip file)

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Marketing & Newsletter Editorial Calendar”Where do I start? Right here!”

1. The tab next to this one is called “100 Article Ideas”. Print the page, or simply start typing.


2. Get creative and brainstorm as many topic titles as you can think of. Don’t judge. Just write


3. Are you writing monthly or bi-weekly (every two weeks)? Choose the tab that suits your style & time best


4. Note if there is something you want to promote, and pull in the most appealing articles from your brainstorming list.


5. Copy and paste your article titles into your calendar so you have plenty of time to write them.

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  1. Rachel

    Wow, that is amazing. Thanks for sharing it!

    • Loralee

      Oh, I’m so glad it helped Rachel!

  2. Pauline

    Hi Loralee

    What a great idea, it will save lots of time over the year, let’s face it we are all so busy and sometimes I find there are not enough hours in the day so saving time is a plus!
    Thanks for sharing this, already downloaded it 🙂

    Have a great day

  3. Kadena Tate

    Very nice and easy to use. Thank you so much.

    • Loralee

      “easy to use”! I like the sounds of that. Glad I could help.~ Loralee

  4. Wendy Y. Bailey

    Awesome post, Loralee! I’ve been trying to work this out on my own for almost ten years! lol

    • Loralee

      This message really made me smile! Let me know if you use it & implement it? That’s often where I falter. I complete it all, but don’t always follow through. Have fun! ~Loralee

  5. Rhonda Neely

    What a great excel form you have created and offered. Thanks Loralee!

    • Loralee

      Thank you for stopping by & sharing with your friends too. I really appreciate you. ~ Loralee

  6. Caylie Price

    Great idea Loralee!
    I have a very similar spreadsheet running in Google Docs, the beauty of course being that I can review it anywhere I have internet access.
    I’m loving your posts. So glad to have found you through UBC!
    Cheers, Caylie

    • Loralee

      Thanks Caylie! Fabulous idea. It looks like this one can easily be imported into google docs as well, for anyone who prefers google docs. Brilliant!