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People often ask me why I sign up for blog challenges. Why on earth would I want to blog on your business website for 30 days in a row?  And I suspect they also quietly wonder why I start some and don’t really finish.

I’ve got a few reasons that you might find interesting (or not?)

I like making new friends

It’s true, being part of a blog challenge helps me connect with new people who share a common interest (or two or three).  When I click through and read their blog posts, I learn something about them. About their style, their preferences and their skill set.

I like to learn new things

Most often the coordinator of a blog challenge is guiding participants through their process. I always learn something new.  A new tip, trick, technique or skill I can use in my own business or even pass along to my current clients.

It also gives me an excuse to research new tools and plugins – something I could get happily get lost in for a whole day if given the chance.

It helps me to get the word out

To the people I most want to help. With each challenge I’ve entered I’ve connected with at least one of the people I love to work with. A passionate service based entrepreneur who craves a little bit more freedom in her life but is feeling a bit tapped out (energy & budget). And I’m able to share some of my tools, resources stories to give her hope that it’s possible.

It creates it’s own momentum

When I’m feeling stuck or scared of a new project, joining a challenge can “get me unstuck”. The forward momentum of doing one small thing (creating a blog post, choosing a picture and hitting publish) reminds that screaming inner critic, that I can actually do something. I can finish! And I’m way more likely to finish the next thing on my “to do list”.

Sometimes I meet a new client

Okay, I’ve said it! When I enter blog challenges sometimes people want to hire me. Strange, but true fact 🙂

Starting is better than not starting

And yes, sometimes I choose to not finish a blogging challenge.  But usually I’ve already written a half dozen new posts (more than I would have otherwise) and learned something fascinating. It’s still much, much better than the months when I have a really hard time getting around to hitting the publish button.

So, once again I’m embarking on a new blog challenge. This time with a group of location independent & online business folk. My kind of people. If you’re reading this near the beginning of August you might want to click through and join the challenge yourself.  Even if it’s just to get another half dozen posts on your site.

Do you do something weird like this, to get momentum in your life & biz too? Share your tips with me in the comments below.

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  1. Okto

    I really like your decision Loralee!
    Never miss a momentum if its in our path of achievement. If we are blogger than taking hard task related to blogger should be great to improve ourselves in particular (as blogger). Its not a matter of how we going to success the task its more about how we learn new things until we turn into expert. And that’s why your decision is perfect.

    • Loralee Hutton

      I really like this concept “It’s more about how we learn new things!”. I always look forward to your comments Okto!

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