Why I moved 45,401 emails back to my inbox – a gmail story

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A week or so ago I signed up for a new service that would help me clean up my inbox (and save the environment, by not using the resources that are consumed by having a huge inbox). It looked smart. It looked like I was doing a really good thing.

But, then I needed to search for an old client email, and of course it was in the trash (thankfully Gmail holds onto trash for 30 days, instead of purging permanently).

Yesterday, I was searching for the login information for a program I signed up for 6 months ago, and a receipt for another purchase.

And, it was all in the trash.

The problem with the cool new tool I had used, was that it picked up the name / email address of companies who had newsletter unsubscribe links. And when I chose to delete the newsletters, I unknowingly bulk selected everything from them (including receipts, login emails to membership sites, etc)

I didn’t understand the rules (they were there, I just didn’t take the time to read them, I guess.

The only solution I could find was to move everything back to the inbox.

And now, instead of just bringing back the 5,000 or so emails that I’d saved in archives, I need to restore EVERYTHING (sorry for the all caps – but, yeah, it’s a big deal) that I’d deleted in the past 30 days. And go through ALL of it again!

Thankfully I already have Microsoft Outlook synced up to my gmail account, and I can get through 20,000 in about 90 minutes. So, I should have this project done before the weekend is over.

64,299 emails to sort through (again)

But still, what a great bit waste of time.

Why am I sharing this sob story with you? I guess it’s because I know that sometimes it’s good to see other peoples mistakes. Maybe we sometimes learn from others mistakes?

Or, maybe it’s because I want you to feel sorry for me…  đŸ™‚

Either way, I’d best hit publish on this post, and get back to the nitty gritty work of sorting through those messages!

Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend.

1 Comment

  1. Kevin

    Loralee: does it build character? I think a great little book would be about these things. Times we restored our site because we couldn’t find one little setting and made drastic changes, or added content to the wrong website, or totally messed up our links, or reset to defaults (ack). Sorry about your additional work.

    I thought the article was going to talk about jewels previously discarded that now appear good,?

    Finding any?

    BTW = I love your emails and content so send any time!


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