Names, domains and losing my identity

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names-domains-identitySo many coaches will recommend running your business from your own domain name URL. They suggest skipping the torture of picking a clever URL and instead, register and run everything under your own name, building a personal brand that will grow with you over time.

In fact, I even wrote an ecourse on the topic in 2011, believing it was the right thing to do. You’re reading this right now on mine, and yet I completely disagree!

One of the biggest problems with trying to create a business running strictly with my own first and last name is that it took much, much longer to gain momentum (read: make a profit). Painfully slow.

It’s not just me… I see this trend across the web in general.

The business identity doesn’t take form as it would normally.

Its similar to having a child for a full year and just hoping it will tell you it’s name along the way. And a year in, still calling it “baby”, because you have no other name. We need to name them.

The act of choosing a name for your business (or your baby) creates form & structure.

That’s what all my yammering on about NEEDING to have a name was all about earlier this year.

I want to still be me. To have my own unique identity that isn’t muddled with my business persona.

I don’t want my business to be me, and me to be me. yes, we’re intertwined, but when I’m having a shi**y day, I need my business to stand up and be strong on it’s own.

That’s why, more than anything, I need to properly launch the Biz Training Club (or Her Portable Biz) instead of trying to exist purely as a sole proprietor under my own name.

It’s why I probably should stomp my feet down to the registrars office and buy the trade-name today. Feel the ownership certificate in my hand and turn her into a business.

Allow Loralee to have a bad day, and still be “Loralee from the Biz Training Club”, not “Loralee from” (It still feels weird, 4 years later).

Please don’t get me wrong. I think owning the domain name of is the right thing to do – just that trying to build a personal brand was a big mistake for me.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you created a personal brand website? Have you struggled or found it easy?

And, because a post from me wouldn’t be complete without a few resources or tools…

Resources for Picking a Business Name

  1. 10 Ways To Come Up With A Killer Name For Your Company
  2. How to Name a Business


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  1. Michele Bergh

    Interesting perspective. I went to my name for everything early last year and it was one of the best things I’ve done for my business. I still use custom names for different programs and I often buy domains for those. My tag line is living inspired by design and all programs have inspired in them so there is consistency.

  2. Kim

    I agree there needs to be balance between your personal self and your business self. My business name is K. Gaskins Consulting but over the past year I have been working through my re-branding efforts. Just over the last month or so I have decided to brand a DBA (Doing Business As) to handle my none “one-on-one client” work and turn K. Gaskins Consulting into a client membership site and a place where those interested in working with me can get more information about me and my work. To help me come up with a name for the DBA I have solicited help from family and friends and I am thinking of reaching out to Fiverr for some brainstorming help. The process is continuous and it may take a left turn tomorrow but I have decided to go with what feels right rather than what I am told is right. No two businesses are the same and as a business owner we have to do what feels right for us.

    Wishing you productivity and prosperity,


  3. Mishka

    Loralee, your post came in at a right time for me. I needed this badly. I didn’t know it would be conflicting as the years go by. I’m planning to have my identity become my business, but I have to think more about it. You’ve enlighten me. It’d better settle for two. One, for personal and the other for my business persona.

  4. Christine

    Wow! This puts things in a totally different perspective. I feel the same way, always trying to make things work with my name (yes it is unique and I feel branded at birth) but have I grown out of being just me? When I try my business naming though, I get overwhelmed with keywords, etc.. I agree, that being able to write more freely on a personal blog would be almost a blessing while keeping my biz site more well, business with an occasional moment of self-ness. Time to think and thank you for this post.

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