names-domains-identitySo many coaches will recommend running your business from your own domain name URL. They suggest skipping the torture of picking a clever URL and instead, register and run everything under your own name, building a personal brand that will grow with you over time.

In fact, I even wrote an ecourse on the topic in 2011, believing it was the right thing to do. You’re reading this right now on mine, and yet I completely disagree!

One of the biggest problems with trying to create a business running strictly with my own first and last name is that it took much, much longer to gain momentum (read: make a profit). Painfully slow.

It’s not just me… I see this trend across the web in general.

The business identity doesn’t take form as it would normally.

Its similar to having a child for a full year and just hoping it will tell you it’s name along the way. And a year in, still calling it “baby”, because you have no other name. We need to name them.

The act of choosing a name for your business (or your baby) creates form & structure.

That’s what all my yammering on about NEEDING to have a name was all about earlier this year.

I want to still be me. To have my own unique identity that isn’t muddled with my business persona.

I don’t want my business to be me, and me to be me. yes, we’re intertwined, but when I’m having a shi**y day, I need my business to stand up and be strong on it’s own.

That’s why, more than anything, I need to properly launch the Biz Training Club (or Her Portable Biz) instead of trying to exist purely as a sole proprietor under my own name.

It’s why I probably should stomp my feet down to the registrars office and buy the trade-name today. Feel the ownership certificate in my hand and turn her into a business.

Allow Loralee to have a bad day, and still be “Loralee from the Biz Training Club”, not “Loralee from” (It still feels weird, 4 years later).

Please don’t get me wrong. I think owning the domain name of is the right thing to do – just that trying to build a personal brand was a big mistake for me.

I’d love to hear from you. Have you created a personal brand website? Have you struggled or found it easy?

And, because a post from me wouldn’t be complete without a few resources or tools…

Resources for Picking a Business Name

  1. 10 Ways To Come Up With A Killer Name For Your Company
  2. How to Name a Business


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