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by | Mar 7, 2016 | Business, Deals

freelance-fiverrI’ve always had more ideas than I could possibly implement, and one of the tricky things about being an idea person is picking the winners… well, and focusing on one thing at a time…

In 2011 I realized I could test some of these ideas quickly by putting together a mini version and sell through Fiverr. It was the perfect experimental environment for me. I didn’t need to find new customers (they took care of all traffic). All I really needed to do was narrow down my offering to something that I felt compensated for, at only $5. I know, that probably seems ridiculous, but if something only takes 15 minutes to complete, and it’s an experiment, $20/hour suddenly doesn’t seem too bad.

Now, Fiverr encourages it’s sellers to also offer items for more than just $5. And there are plenty of sellers making a great full time income from their fiverr gigs.

So, when I saw this new course teaching how to use Fiverr, I knew I wanted to add it to the Portable Biz Club.

You can get it free as part of the Portable Biz Club membership this month (just sign up prior to March 31st).


In this course you’ll learn:

  1. How to be featured on fiverr
  2. How to create your first fiverr gig
  3. How to set up your fiverr account
  4. How to create gig extras (I mentioned this earlier -this is how you can earn siginificantly more)
  5. How to generate traffic to your profile
  6. How to get your first 5 start rating
  7. How to optimize your profile
  8. How to track your monthly trends




If you havent signed up for the free Portable Biz Club, you can do that here

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