procrastination_loralee_huttonHave a business idea & struggling to get traction? Not sure if you’re headed in the right direction? Many times clients come to me with a great big idea they would like to implement…. next year. They’re getting started building a website right now, or they’re picking out a business name, or deciding which product they would like to create. Exciting times, but they often find themselves procrastinating. Not getting the traction they’d like. And most times it’s got nothing to do with laziness, lack of motivation or technical skills, but instead, this one little sneaky thing creates confusion & lack of direction.

(Psst.... Shhh...don't tell anyone else...)

It’s clarity.

But clarity is tricky, because without knowing what you want to do and who you want to help it’s too easy to spin your wheels. We like to think it comes from digging deep into our soul, asking great questions about life purpose.  We can think about it, for m for months or years. Clarity (in my opinion) comes from taking action. Trying things out, testing them in the market place, helping the people you’re meant to help. And this is where we come to the guts of it all. Without knowing exactly who we want to help, we flounder.

Clarity comes slowly.

It’s easy to become disheartened, discouraged & doubt whether we can help at all. Or know if our business will fly (make money, take off, insert your favorite saying here).

In fact, we can’t really know until we’re right in the thick of things.

Clarity comes from taking action – daily action.

  • Taking action when we’re scared.
  • Taking action when it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.
  • Taking action when all we can see if the one or two steps ahead.
  • Clarity comes from helping real people with real problems.
  • And yes, for product creators too!

Even if that action is a very long nap where you get to day dream your day away – if you happen to be a bit of a workaholic, like me. Or something that only takes 15 minutes to accomplish.

It’s the combination of regular action, leading towards your big dreams and goals that shoves away the confusion & ultimately the need to procrastinate.

Want to try my secret for finding out what action I need to take today?

Insert your company name in the blank below & ask this question!

“How may I be of service to ______________ today?”

That’s it! Find the number one thing you can do for your company, today. And take action on it.  You might surprise yourself and finish in 15 minutes. If so, give yourself a break & go have fun.  Isn’t that what creating a freedom based, portable biz should be about, after all?

No more procrastination… and even though it isn’t quite “instant clarity” trust that it will come, at the right time, by taking regular action.

Tell me in the comments below the #1 thing you can do to be of service to your business/company today?

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