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I often call myself a perpetual learner. If I could have stayed in College forever, I probably would have. And I managed to stay enrolled in part time or full time education for almost 10 years. But now it’s so easy to pick up a course here and there, online.

This past year I’ve been studying marketing and online business management through RHH Bschool, and more recently Leonie Dawson‘s programs. Fun, informative & great communities that are so intergral for someone like me, who’s a kinesthetic learner (I learn by connecting & getting into the work – it’s more of a challenge if I’m just listening or watching).

But how about other programs? Like learning how to use Graphic Design software, or a new language, or Microsoft Office Programs.

I used to recommend Lynda. It’s incredibly affordable (maybe $25/month) and has a huge database of courses. But today someone recommended another one & I wanted to share it with you.

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ALISON—an Irish company with an uncatchy longer moniker: Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online—provides free online courses in job-friendly skills. Some are basic but essential—Fundamentals of Google Docsor Touch Type Training. Others are more specialized (Programming in Adobe Flash) and many could be useful for anybody, job seeking or not (Protect Yourself From Identity Theft).

ALISON focuses on the practical, culling free courses from a range of publishers that will upgrade anyone’s employment skills. The site has a million registered users across the globe and is adding 50,000 learners every month. Un- or under-employed people can get help planning their career path with a course that takes from 1-2 hours. The course includes an assessment and a discussion forum.

The website isn’t terribly fancy, and it’s “ad supported” but it’s worth a look to see if the program or course you’re interested is available.

Where do you go for continued education? Either for your business, or personal interest?



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  1. Lars Andersson

    I love your article. Learning is the key to everything I love the fact that we have to spend more time with relaxing our brain and learn bye studding and relaxing our self from the daily stress like reading a good book. On this page there is a lot that will help to get some good things to study to be more effective

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