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The month of June was full of challenges & interesting outcomes for this solo-preneur (me!). I had set some personal and business goals I really didn’t think I’d be able to achieve after bumping up against a health challenge (okay, I consider my 1st root canal a health challenge, it’s true. Tooth pain is intense & makes me very crabby). I had set out to blog every day, write every day (with the Merry Inksters), keep up with my studies in Bschool, Goddess Leonies’  Business Goddess program and Launch Your Blog.  I also wanted to break through some barriers I felt were holding me back from truly connecting with people. I haven’t been able to follow more than 10 people at a time on twitter, without unfollowing 30 for so long I can hardly remember (okay, it was sometime in 2009), and I had an overflowing email inbox in a program I’d completely outgrown. It was so bad I was actually having trouble sleeping some nights, because I knew I wasn’t fully connecting with people who I wanted to connect with.  I knew there was a better way, but I hadn’t found it yet.  I set myself a goal for the end of June, not entirely believing I’d achieve it.

But it happened. I did reach my goal.

  • My inbox has less than 100 messages
  • @jeunesse1 was my 2000th follower on June 30th (yes, cutting it to the wire, but I really wanted to do this organically & not use any weird or spammy systems or tools)

  • I wrote every single day. Mostly handwritten.
  • I’ve gone through all of my homework (and then some)
  • bonus: 100 followers on my Facebook Fan page.
  • and I spent 3 very interesting days with one of the nicest dentists I’ve ever met.

How did I do it?

Well, I’m going to leave the secrets of reducing my email inbox hell for another post, and I don’t know how I reached 100 in Facebook. Instead I’ll jump right into sharing what happened with breaking through the Twitter 2000 follow threshold (read my other post for more info).

Organic Twitter Growth Tips:

  • Find someone who has a similar niche to you. Click on their followers (the list of people who are following your “competitor”), and follow as many of them as you can. A large portion will follow you back – they’re also your ideal clients.  (Tip: don’t follow the list, follow the individual people in the list)
  • If you know of conferences or events hosting a large group of your ideal customer, follow the event hashtag and connect with the people who are tweeting.
  • Revoked access to some of the unfollow Apps I’d been using. (inspired by this help file)
  • Install a program like Buffer(we both get something free if you click on that link) so that I was constantly being reminded to add things to twitter throughout the day. I’m using the free account which also means I get a “nagging” message in my inbox at least once per day. (apparently this goes away in the paid version.  I’m not sure this is a good thing)
  • Retweeted other peoples things, all month long
  • Gained traction and connected with some amazing people through my editions (something I’d set up last year)  You can read them here: Portable Business Lifestyle, RHH BSchool Daily News and the YYJ Freelancer Daily

I’m told I might still be faced with challenges – not being able to follow who I want to. But I’m hopeful. Here’s an interesting help file about the follow limit AFTER the 2000 limit.

So, on this Canada Day, instead of sitting inside and writing a stack of blog posts like I thought I would, I’m going out to enjoy the sunshine. But before I go I thought I’d share a few pictures of this glorious country I live in.

Happy Canada Day!

Alberta, Canada Loralee HuttonAlberta, Canada Loralee HuttonBritish Columbia, Canada Loralee HuttonAlberta, Canada Loralee HuttonAlberta, Canada Loralee Hutton

Alberta, Canada Loralee Hutton


loralee hutton sig 500

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