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Every morning I read articles and blogs by various people in the business community.  I take notes, ponder them while sipping my coffee, but rarely take the time to blog about them.  Okay, it seems I rarely take the time to blog at this site in general.  I don’t want to be another person who says, “from this day forward I’ll blog every day”, or make some other claim that isn’t entirely feasible.  But right now I am blogging every day, on another website related to a health issue I’m currently experiencing.  And getting in the habit of writing every day has been great for me.

Well, I research, write, research some more, write again.  And then I tend to get exhausted from having too much information & need to go do something fun.  Especially since I’m researching health & wellness.   There are mountains of information on the internet about everything under the sun.  When you find the “Something” you’re looking for, you’re also going to find some kind of support group, with people who have been affected in the worst possible way.  They’re often the ones who’ve created the web forum in the first place, and the information can be very tainted in a negative fashion.  Can you say “worst case scenario?”

So, I work hard to keep my spirit optimistic, and continue my research along with my new-found passion in blogging.  I truly hope it will overflow to the websites/blogs I was so passionate about last year at this same time.
One of the articles I read this morning was called “10 Tips to Turning your passion into your career”, so I’ve included the link for you here.

p.s.  I think I’ll also go to Janet Attwoods website today and take her “Passion Test” again.  I met her last autumn in Edmonton during a VIP dinner. Amazing lady!! During the seminar the following day she suggested taking the passion test anytime, to help make decisions about life, love, career, home, etc.  I’m going there now!

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  1. Jan Coghan

    I was so inspired by your article. Thanks!