Please don’t wait another day

by | Apr 7, 2013 | Business | 16 comments

How long have you been thinking about starting a program, creating a product and building your business.  A few weeks? Months? Has it been years?  I’ve got a little secret for you. And you don’t need to sign up for anything, take a course or learn anything new.

I’ve spent days, months and years spinning my wheels. Feeling stuck! And the secret was staring me in the face the whole time.

I was over-thinking absolutely everything. And instead of moving forward, despite all of my careful planning, list making and guru consultations, I became painfully stuck.

Want to know the secret?

Need Clarity?   ===>> Take Action

Feeling Stuck?  ===>>  Take Action

Fear?    ========>>  Take Action

  • Write on your blog like no one is watching (they probably aren’t yet anyway)
  • Make a product
  • and then another, and another until you get traction
  • Write some more
  • Stop asking questions thinking, doubting.
  • Just take action today, and tomorrow and the next day.

If it flops, try something else.

If you hate it?  Try something else

Just please, please don’t wait another day.

Take action today. Imperfect Action

And if you’re not yet feeling motivated? Put yourself on a 30 day probation.

1 month to get traction.  You might even consider using the 3 letter word (the one that starts with a J) as motivation to make something happen.  Like I did.

I’ll tell you one more little secret. I have clarity like I’ve never had before. After spending a month doing things that might have made no sense to me a year earlier.

If you want to see a sample of the action I’ve been taking, check out the Free Biz Training Club & the new products listed in the shop.  None of them are perfect , yet I’m moving forward anyway. I’ll come back and adjust later this year when I have a better sense of what’s working & what isn’t.

Can you do it today? Take Action?  Any kind of action that will lead you in the direction of your dream?  Think about it for 2 seconds. Don’t get stuck in that thinking cycle again.

You can do it! I know you can.

And I’ll be doing it right beside you!


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  1. Christa

    Thanks for this post! Kind of crazy that I found it actually as I was so down and frustrated today because I haven’t been able to get my website how I want it, so I was debating do I just start and tweak it along the way or wait until it’s “just right”? And so your article showed up to answer my question! Love the line about “write on your blog like no one is watching because they probably aren’t yet anyway!”

    • Loralee

      I’m so glad you found this Christa! And I hope you’ll come back or send me a note to let me know what you’ve taken action on. I know how “ick” it feels when you’re sort of spinning you wheels. Congrats for taking the next step!

  2. Kellie

    This is me right now. I keep planning, replanning and then starting again! I’m a terrible perfectionist. I need to let go and just jump in. Thanks for the motivation, Loralee. x

  3. Robyn

    This couldn’t have come at a better time, I read this and started typing right away to finish my new product. Thank you Loralee! You have been such a blessing!

    • Loralee

      So glad to hear it Robyn!! Can’t wait to see you sharing your creation!

  4. Meg

    Love this post! I have been really struggling with overwhelm, and not getting stuff done. This was just the reminder I needed to make me sit down and START!! I feel better already 🙂

  5. Savannah Caden

    I loved this post, Loralee. It was just what I needed to prompt me to start my latest project. As I began working, the direction I wanted to go in became clear.

    • Loralee

      Can’t wait to hear what you’ve created Savannah

  6. Hilarie

    Love this Loralee! Take imperfect action. And, maybe stop being so much of an over achiever (is what I need to tell myself!)

  7. Barry

    Nice post Loralee. You have hit the nail on the head … Start now. I think so often we get stuck on trying to make it “just right” and end up doing nothing. Thanks for the push!

  8. Teressa Campbell

    Great post! The call to action is something that I have been focusing on this month, especially with adding content to my own website/blog. Thanks!

  9. Karen Yankovich

    Timely for me too! Thanks for the kick in the pants. Taking action, taking action, taking action……

    • Loralee

      I love the action I’ve seen you taking Karen!

  10. Rachael Lay

    Taking action is the ONLY remedy for being stuck, unsure or unmotivated. After plotting, planning, thinking about and doubting my new online program, nothing got done. When I finally realised I had a time pressure (baby arriving and I want to take 3 months off, with an income), I took immediate action. And what do you know, it’s getting done. It might not be perfect, but at least it will be out there. And as you say, I can tweak it later when I see how it performs, and have more time.

    Great post Loralee. Very timely, and on the mark.

  11. Nita

    Timely advice. I’ve been telling myself, “just do it,” recently. You reinforced that idea well. Thanks.

  12. Dawn Mena

    LOVE this! Fantastic advice and one that really hits me at the right time. I’ve been putting off creating a new program because I can’t decide what to do. I realized when reading your article, if I had just picked one a couple of months ago when I started debating, I could have finished it – and more – by now. I’m getting started, thanks to you!