AF1: Affiliate Program Introduction

Ok, you’re here because you want to sell more stuff. You’re also here because you’ve decided focusing on your affiliate program is a good way to jump-start your sales. Smart thinking!

In this e-course we’re going to cover three major issues you’re likely to be having while working towards selling through your affiliate program:

  • You don’t have any affiliates.
  • You don’t have any promotional tools for your affiliates.
  • You don’t have any sales.

Over the next seven days we’re going to tackle these problems. Our focus will be creating content and graphics for your affiliate program, two of the most important tools to provide your affiliates so they can quickly promote your business. Here’s why: Content is essential to getting information to your targeted market, as well as in connecting on an emotional level with their needs and wants. Meanwhile, graphics are used all over the internet to attract attention, encourage clicks and make more money. We’ll talk all about using graphics to pump up your affiliate program and get more results.


Here are the topics you can look forward to:

  1. The Affiliate Welcome Package
  2. The Affiliate Center
  3. Copywriting For Your Affiliate Program
  4. Graphics & Images 101
  5. Banners For Affiliates to Use
  6. Graphics to Attract Affiliates
  7. Spice Up Your Salespages
  8. Social Media Marketing


Don’t worry, I won’t make you wait for your first lesson… let’s jump right in!



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January 23, 2014