QuickStart Website Program


In the video below we go through my process step by step and set up your first “practice site”, taking notes along the way of what you would prefer to do differently / uniquely for your special target market.

Please watch this before our first call on Tues/Wed

I try to keep it really simple & add in plugins that will benefit them, but also not overwhelm.  Mine are also all free. I don’t want to burden a new business owner with additional ongoing fees.

I'm updating this list with hyperlinks - slowly! Hopefully they'll all be here before the end of the week Feb 13)

These are the ones that consistently work (for me) – screenshot below

  1. WP Clone by WP Academy 
  2. WP Backup to Dropbox
  3. All in one SEO pack 
  4. Broken Link Checker
  5. Comment Luv  (I purchase the Premium developer license – and install it on client sites)
  6. Flare
  7. JetPack
  8. Testimonials Widget
  9. TinyMCE Advanced
  10. WP Simple Paypal Shopping Cart by Tips and Tricks
  11. WordPress Editorial Calendar

Tip: You can install Multi Plugin Installer and then copy the list of favorites to bulk install ALL of your plugins at once.

Membership Site (exactly like this one)

Free theme is from s5 called Moments

  1. Multi Plugin Installer
  2. Paid Memberships Pro
  3. PMPro Affiliates
  4. PMPro MailChimp Integration
  5. PMPro Series
  6. PMPro User Pages
  7. Theme My Login
  8. WooDojo

Membership Site (exactly like AskLoralee.com)

Free theme is: the WordPress default them called Twenty Thirteen with a few customizations

  1. Affiliate
  2. AskLoralee.com Site Plugin
  3. ClickTale Plugin
  4. GPP Shortcodes
  5. Jetpack by WordPress.com
  6. Log In Message
  7. ManageWP – Worker
  8. Namaste! LMS
  9. Q&A – WordPress Questions and Answers Plugin
  10. Remember Me Checked
  11. s2Member Framework
  12. s2member Secure-File Uploader
  13. To Do List Member
  14. User Activity
  15. WordPress Backup to Dropbox
  16. WordPress SEO
  17. WP Clone by WP Academy 
Click below to see the full view of this screencapturequickstart plugins

Plugins to help you create sites

(there's another tab for plugins your clients may need/want)

To create Intake Form:


Create a Functions.php Plugin for your own site or client site

Sometimes you will need to add or change code in the function.php file. If you don’t have a child theme, or don’t want to create one, this site plugin might be the solution for you. This is the one I’ve created.


You must be logged in to view You must be logged in to viewYou must be logged in to view You must be logged in to viewYou must be logged in to viewYou must be logged in to view You must be logged in to viewYou must be logged in to viewYou must be logged in to viewYou must be logged in to view

Ask questions in our private Facebook Group for extra support.

Full to do list (including completed items)

  1. Watch Workshop Replay (the first video)

  2. Familiarize yourself with videos available to you optional video tutorials, client videos)

  3. Review tools that will help make business easier (like ManageWP.com)

  4. Make decision about Niche/Speciality focus for your business

  5. Start marketing buzz (ie. offer "free web setup")

  6. look for additional ways to bring in extra income through affiliate relationships or JV opportunities

  7. Attend one Q&A call or submit questions in advance and listen to replay

  8. Request review of your website

  9. Attend one Q&A call or submit questions in advance and listen to replay

  10. Look over this process system of Leah's to see if you can add any elements to your own

  11. Watch 20 minute "step by step workshop" video

  12. Print QuickStart-Website-Checklist-Template-Form

  13. Set up as affiliate with your favorite hosting company, domains, newsletter, etc.

  14. Use what you learned in week 1 and create your first demo site, with your favorite theme, plugins and system

  15. Choose person/company you'll build test site for.

  16. Deliver practice website (for small fee or free+ testimonials)

  17. Use this template to collect "killer testimonials"

  18. Keep notes of problem areas, areas for improvement, etc

  19. Revise & build your own custom checklist (ask yourself lots of questions)

  20. Announce you’re available!  keep the buzz going

  21. like browsing craigslist ads?  Keep your eyes open for people looking for simple websites and send them a pitch

  1. Share demo site with group members to get advice & tips

  2. Ask questions during Q&A call

Week 1 (February 2-8, 2015)

Step 1: Step-by-Step w/ Loralee

(1 1/2 – 2 hours) We’ll go through my process step by step and set up your first “practice site”, taking notes along the way of what you would prefer to do differently / uniquely for your special target market.  This will be a live call, and recorded for anyone who can’t attend live.

  1. print checklist
  2. have “wishlist” or notepad handy
  3. download “Sample Client Files” for practice website

Step 2: Biz Stuff

(1-2 hours)

  • setup as an affiliate with your favorite hosting company
  • tap into these video tutorials if you need any tech help setting up your site
  • create forms (using jotform or google drive)
  • look at gplclub.org
  • look at ManageWP.com
  • start thinking about niche/specialty
  • start marketing buzz (by offering a “free websetup” for step 4?)


Week 2 (February 9-16, 2015)

Step 3:  Set up your sample / demo site

(1-2 hours)

  • use what you learned in step 1 and create 1 demo site (with your favorite theme,  plugins and system)
  • share it with group members to get advice and tips.
  • ask questions during the Q&A call

Week 3 (February 16-22, 2015)

Step 4: Practice website build for a friend/family

(1-2 hours)

  • for a small fee or free + testimonials

Step 5: Revise and build your own custom system

(1-2 hours)

  • what would you do differently?
  • do you need to add support or FB group (ie. will these be ongoing clients?)
  • do you need to create a relationship with someone who can provide extra tech support / va support for these clients?
  • what other steps would you like to add to the process that aren’t already there?
  • what steps would you skip / don’t need?
  • how could you finish faster, with less stress and have more fun?

Step 6: Biz Stuff 2

(1-2 hours)

  • marketing – announce you’re available!  keep the buzz going
  • marketing – like browsing craigslist ads?  Keep your eyes open for people looking for simple websites and send them a pitch
  • affiliate – look for additional ways to bring in extra income through affiliate relationships

Week 4-5 (Feb 23 – Feb 28, 2015)

Step 7:  Wrap up

(1 hour)

  1. Attend Q & A calls & ask questions
      1. plus, listen to other peoples ideas
      2. don’t copy cat (obviously) but use others questions as inspiration to make yours simpler, faster, easier, more fun.
  2. Request review of your website (link to form will be included here part way through February)
  3. Add your name to the database / directory in the Biz Training Club  so people can find you when they’re looking for help.

Budget for 10 hours over the next month. Let me know if it's taking a lot more time. I'll do what I can to streamline things.

QuickStart Package Overview

Step By Step Workshop

All of the information you’ll need for this practice session is right here:

Click the + sign where you currently see "step 1" - while going through the video above.

Step 1

 step 1: Watch the video I've prepared for you

and download the QuickStart-Website-Checklist-Template-Form (.pdf file)

Step 2

step 2: Create a new wordpress installation (I can help with this step)

I've sent you an email with username/password

Step 3

step 3: Install plugins & when we’re ready, you’ll copy this URL

Select this text and copy it to your clipboard. Do not click through and download the file. You will just need this URL to paste into the new sample file)



The new username/password is:

u: lhadmin
p: Change45!

Step 4

step 4:  Modify the new website to include our Coach Example

Use the information below, or ad-lib with your own info.


Imaginary Client has submitted this information before we get started

Your Website Title & Tag Line*
Everything Is Possible Coaching – Making Your Dreams a Reality
Keywords for your website *
life coaching, everything is possible, hypnosis, Reiki, self-care, online coaching, skype coaching, NGH, inspirational, spiritual, Retreats,
Your About Page *With over 30 years of success as an entrepreneur and business leader, Suzanne draws on a wealth of insight, experience and education. Working in close partnership with her clients, she lays the groundwork for success through encouragement, insight, motivation and inspiration. A highly skilled trainer and communicator, she provides clients with essential skills and tools, helping them build the clarity, creativity, and focus to achieve their goals. From entrepreneurs to athletes, professionals and people in transition, Margaret has helped countless people find focus, build efficiency and eliminate overwhelm. At heart, she is a strong advocate for continuous professional development, societal contribution, purpose-driven leadership and values-based philanthropy.
Home Page *Even the best athletes need a coach. Nearly every Fortune 500 executive has a mentor. And even the most brilliant leaders rely on a team of advisers.Why? Because the world’s sharpest, most productive people know that achieving and sustaining success is always a team effort.Every single person on the planet can reap tremendous benefits from a loyal and insightful supporter.So, who do you have in your corner? If you’re struggling to be as productive, effective, or influential as you know you can be, it’s time to invest in your number one asset: yourself!
First Blog Post *Meditation PLR pack of blog posts/articles
Your Paypal email address (to set up the simple shopping cart) *
Email address for contact forms *coach@anythingispossible.com

Swipe Files

Template for “completion” letter (the letter I send after I have built their website)

Template QuickStart Completion Letter (.docx file)


Depending on your situation you may also want to have a complex or simple contract in place, beyond the email correspondence (in most countries this would count as a written legal contract, but it’s always good to look into this further by asking legal council).

Here is a copy of a very simple contract I used when contracting work with customers I found through craigslist:

Sample Contract Agreement (Nov 2011) (.docx file)
See examples of other forms/processes on Leah’s site

Form client completes after sale

To create your own intake Form:


(part of Overview doc you may have received earlier)

Download PDF File

Download .doc file

Download TXT file

Copy of form, below

I have forwarded domain, hosting & newsletter confirmation emails to Loralee?

Domain (from Godaddy or Namecheap or other company)

Hosting (from Hostgator or Greengeeks – Your discount codes are on your PDF checklist)

Newsletter (Mailchimp, aWeber, Get Response)

Header Graphic Suggested width is 300 pixels. Suggested height is 100 pixels. *

I have emailed my header graphic to Loralee

I will upload it myself Other

Which elements did you prefer? *

Sample Site 1 – with static graphic header image

Sample Site 2 – with scrolling slider instead of graphic

Sample Site 3 – Almost completely White

Your Website Title & Tag Line *


Keywords for your website *


Your About Page *


Home Page *


First Blog Post *


Your Paypal email address (to set up the simple shopping cart) *

Email address for contact forms *

Swipe File: Checklist for Clients

PDF & DOC file for “Your Website Starter Checklist”

I want to update this checklist, but use it as a starting reference point? I'll have a replacement by Mid February. See included documents title – to be customized by you. “Your Website Starter Checklist_October 2013 (pdf file) Your Website Starter Checklist_October 2013” (.docx file)

Swipe File: My/Your Checklist

This is the checklist I modify from time to time & use to go through the process within 1 hour. It will make more sense once we’ve gone through one website together.   QuickStart Websiste Checklist Template Form (word .docx file) QuickStart-Website-Checklist-Template-Form (.pdf file) You may want to use the To-do Checklist plugin right within WordPress to organize your tasks. I prefer having a printed paper copy for each project, but that’s a personal preference.

When revising your checklist, asking yourself these questions:

  • what would you do differently?
  • do you need to add support or FB group (ie. will these be ongoing clients?)
  • do you need to create a relationship with someone who can provide extra tech support / va support for these clients?
  • what other steps would you like to add to the process that aren’t already there?
  • what steps would you skip / don’t need?
  • how could you finish faster, with less stress and have more fun?

These are the themes I use most frequently:

  1. Responsive  (free or $35 for Pro)
  2. Weaver II (free or $30 for Pro and $49 for Developers)
  3. Canvas ($99)


Feel free to download this Canvas file. It’s part of the GPL which means you can use it yourself, or on client sites, but if you need support then you’ll need to purchase the theme from Woothemes.  This is by far the most popular of Woothemes themes, but they also have a huge library of paid and free themes. I believe this is the only one with GPL licensing though.

Canvas Zip File

Help using Canvas:

  1. Documentation at Woothemes for Canvas
  2. 30 Simple But Useful Canvas Wootheme Tweaks
  3. 65 tips, tricks and CSS tweaks for WooThemes Canvas
  4. Google is your friend here too… type in Woothemes Canvas {fill in the blank} and there’s almost always an answer

If you’re also looking for Woocommerce & wonder about the add-ons & if they would work for you, I have access & could share them with you (for testing purposes only), and if they work for the project you’re working on, then purchase the proper license. Just let me know what you need, okay?

Tutorial videos that clients receive

You’ll probably want to make your own but this can give you a guideline of which ones you’d like to create.  Depending on the client needs, sometimes I copy and paste the html into a new page for the client so she doesn’t need to come to my website to find the videos. http://www.loraleehutton.com/website-setup/ this page is password protected : starter

You might also want to browse through the videos from the 14 Day Product Challenge.

http://14dayproductchallenge.com/category/video/ They are in response to a lot of ‘newbie’ questions related to wordpress, product creation and online business in general. DIY QuickStart Website project (note: not all videos are complete – I didn’t end up selling this as a product, but sometimes share the videos with clients.  Use this as you see fit)http://quickstart.loraleehutton.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/QuickStart_DIY_Sample_videos.png QuickStart_DIY_Sample_videos     I have purchased PLR rights to 70 wordpress videos & I’m able to share them with you, but I don’t believe I have the rights for you to then share them with your clients. So, for the meantime I’ll post the list of video titles, and maybe we can work on the best method to give you access to what you need.  (I would manually download each video and upload them to my own server – a bit tedious, but worth it if it would help you.) Tutorial Mixer Videos

Module 1

  1. How to buy a domain name
  2. How to buy a web hosting account
  3. How to connect your domain to a web hosting account
  4. Installing WordPress Automatically using cPanel
  5. Installing WordPress manually using FTP
  6. How to change permalink structure
  7. How to write effective blog titles
  8. How to create new posts in WordPress
  9. How to create new pages in wordpress
  10. How to install plugins
  11. How to install themes
  12. How to upload and format images using the media manager
  13. How to launch your site to search engines and ping settings

Module 2

  1. Figuring out your customers demographics
  2. Creating memorable slogans that stick
  3. Power of colors. How to use colors to sell
  4. Upgrade your logos get cheap yet quality logos
  5. Upgrade your fuzzy graphics to vector
  6. How to use mascots to brand your company
  7. Upgrade your wordpress sites theme design
  8. Creating simple video intros
  9. Positioning your brand as trustworthy through educational videos
  10. Boost your brand through facebook posts

Module 3

  1. Turn your website prospects into buyers
  2. Increase conversions by appealing to these 3 groups
  3. Time tested wordpress layouts
  4. Pages to convert skeptical fence sitters
  5. Call to action forms part 1 creation
  6. Call to action forms part 2 sidebar
  7. Banner ads part 1 creation
  8. Banner Ads Par 2 Sidebar Widgets
  9. Simple before and after pictures
  10. Removing more skepticism with social proof

Module 4

  1. How to decrease your bounce and increase social engagement
  2. How to add your google+ picture to google search results
  3. How to optimize your images so they are seo friendly
  4. Drive traffic with this powerful video marketing strategy
  5. How to get your content indeed in google fast with social bookmarking
  6. How to track your social engagement performance
  7. Creating interesting and educational infographics
  8. How to create your own page engagers to increase social interaction
  9. How to share your site socially

Module 5

  1. Why you should build a list and different ways to do so
  2. How to create free gifts fast to build your list
  3. Part 1 – How to start your autoresponder campaign
  4. Part 2 – How to add the autoresponder to the sidebar
  5. How to create WP Squeeze pages
  6. Building a list by Piggybacking on product launches
  7. Writing an autoresponder email series that converts
  8. How to create raving fans on your email list
  9. Using integration marketing to build your list
  10. How to use exit popups to build your list

Module 6

  1. Get a new wordpress blog ready
  2. Control how vistors comment
  3. Understanding different user permissions
  4. Embed youtube or vimeo videos
  5. Creating gallery with media manager
  6. Add HTML code to the editor tab
  7. Use wordpress widgets effectively
  8. Create navigation menus and sort them
  9. Activate your built in theme editor
  10. Remove powered by wordpress

Module 7

  1. Creating LSI Friendly categories
  2. Cloaking ugly long affiliate links
  3. Help visitors find content thru related posts
  4. Using authority sites to increase your seo
  5. RSS part 1 Finding your feed
  6. RSS part 2 Syndicating your feed
  7. Visitor Friendly Sitemaps
  8. SEO Friendly XML sitemaps
  9. Embedding Google Analytics
  10. Using the All in One SEO plugin

Module 1

13. How to launch your site to search engines and ping settings

Video Player

Module 3

3. Time tested wordpress layouts

Video Player

4. Pages to convert skeptical fence sitters

Video Player

5. Call to action forms part 1 creation

Video Player

6. Call to action forms part 2 sidebar

Video Player

Module 5

2. How to create free gifts fast to build your list

Video Player

7. Writing an autoresponder email series that converts

Video Player

access additional downloads through this shared folder

Some common FAQ’s

I would strongly recommend building an FAQ section of your own. As people go through your program they will often ask similar questions and building up a database of answers not only helps you, but it helps them to find answers quickly without having to deal with back and forth emails

FAQ’s – questions asked while going through these tutorials, and their answers

  1. How do I put my content into WordPress or create my first blog post? Create A Blog Post (PDF attached)
  2. I’ve found another theme I really like, can I change it easily? Yes, you can change relatively easily, but remember to check to see if it’s responsive (the term used for websites that are mobile phone and ipad friendly) before making the switch. There will be a time investment too. I would encourage you to get used to using this website for at least a few months before making another switch.
  3. I don’t have a Facebook fan page, twitter account or Google Plus? Should I set them up? No, not right now. If you have a Facebook Personal page, use that for Digg Digg and the social media widgets, and delete the information for the rest. The plugins are responsive & will remove the icons for the accounts you aren’t using. Keep it simple for now.
  4. Can I add a normal paypal button?  Login in to Paypal and check out these great help files.  Paypal also has live, on the phone customer service that you may want to take advantage of.

Biz Building

Niche Idea: Creating custom pages

In your niche there may be some very specific things your customers want. A certain layout for a special kind of landing page, for example.

Creating a custom page type might be the answer. Instead of adding an extra plugin (like LeadPages or Optimize Press) consider learning how to make a custom page that’s unique to your niche market.

Here are some tutorials on creating custom pages.

And of course, ask in the forum or leave a comment below if you have any other great tips, or questions.
  1. Create custom pages (step by step tutorial)  http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/webmaster/toolbox/create-custom-page-templates-in-wordpress.html
  2. Information from WP codex (I often find it challenging to read through the content on their pages)  https://codex.wordpress.org/Pages
  3. 5 steps to creating a custom page in wordpress:  http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/wordpress-custom-page-template/
Developing offsite vs online
I don’t have a definitive opinion on this quite yet, but wanted to bring it to your attention as an option. Sometimes creating sites online can be a bit painful & slow. Here are some useful resources on simulating your live WordPress installation, on your desktop:

        1. WP Development environment (in seconds) for Mac or Windows, using free Desktop Server  http://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/how-to-create-a-wordpress-development-environment-in-seconds-with-desktopserver/





Direct link to tools (free and open source):

        1. XAMPP  (Windows, Linux, Apple)




WAMP Server  

Managing multiple sites
When I stumbled on some of the tools website developers use to help make management easier I nearly fainted. We can log into one main dashboard to update all of the plugins, themes & handle comment spam, etc. It almost seems like magic. And, of course it’s a uge time saver. Tip:  You might consider adding this as a service to your new customers. Manage WP  (I share my commission with you as an affiliate of this product. You get a 15% discount if you upgrade from the free plan, and I get 15% commission as long as you remain a customer – win-win)

WP 101 Plugin  -this company creates video tutorials that you can install right into the client dashboard.  So that you don’t need to create or update your own videos. It’s about $300/year .  You could also consider being an affiliate for their WP101 courses and recommend them to your clients (it’s a $39/year membership – so very affordable for the end user)      

Additional Resources and Downloads
access additional downloads through this shared folder

Additional Income as an Affiliate

<a name="affiliate"></a>You may choose to be an affiliate for some of the products you’re recommending. Ultimately it depends on if you’re buying a developers license & including your copy to “give” to your clients or asking them to own their digital assets (that was my preference, because I’ve seen too many small business owners who have had their website in a “hostage situation”,  but there are benefits to doing it the other way).  If they’re purchasing their own, they will trust you to make recommendations & many companies will pay you a very nice commission.

For example, Hostgator pays $50 per referral if you sent between 1 and 6 per month. But if you can send them 21 (or more) referrals in the month you’ll receive $125 per referral (that’s an extra $2625 during the month – so you don’t need to do the math yourself )

Aweber also has a fairly high commission & I believe it’s still set up as a recurring commission.  Which means you’ll receive a percentage each month your customer remains a customer of Aweber.

Tip #1

You’ll want to note payout times. Hostgator holds their for a little over 90 days (they pay out at the beginning of the month for commissions for commissions from three months previous) and I believe Bluehost operates the same ( I don’t recommend them often and have yet to earn a commission from them)

Tip #2

If you chose to sign up as an affiliate, be sure to keep your password in a password keeper (like lastpass) so that you’re not rumaging around for usernames/passwords.  And, when you’re signing up as an affiliate, keep in mind that the user name you chose may also be appended to their URL, which can sometimes feel a little awkward.  Especially if you have a funny username.

Tip #3

If you’d like to be an affiliate for a company and their link isn’t below, do a quick google search for their company name, plus the word affiliate or the word partner.

Tip #4

Think outside the box. What referrals can you make to your clients that may not be website specific. Is recommending a great place to store their online passwords (with legacy rights – meaning their online assets can be accessed if they were to pass away)?  Or, recommend dropbox, evernote or online tools to help them make their life easier.  Almost guaranteed they’ll be grateful for saving them time & making their life easier.

Here are some direct links to the companies I’m an affiliate for


About Refunds

This is something you’ll want to decide for yourself. I have only once needed to give a refund for these websites, and it was prior to any real work being done. I suppose I was lucky that way. It’s good to decide on a policy upfront.  This is something we can discuss in the group, as well.

Ideas about niche and speciality

Here are a few ideas about niche and speciality:

  1. building membership sites for people who are creating online courses (you’d set up a fairly standard system and then tweak for them – you could probably get them up and running way faster than if they DIY)
  2. local service providers like chiropractors, hair stylists, massage therapists often don’t want to create their own, but need an online presence.
  3. websites specific for non-profits
  4. specific to YOUR own industry (market to people who you know really well already)
  5. Bundle with your expertise!  Copywriter plus website | Coach plus website | Etsy store setup plus website | MLM coaching plus website | Membership site setup |  online course portal websites | book authors |  (you get the idea, right?
  6. Gaming Apps – app developers need a new website every time they build a new app. They’re fairly straight forward (usually just 2 pages, with one of them pointing to iTunes and Google Play). Find a style that’s popular and emulate it (rinse and repeat)
  7. Wedding Websites – offer your services to wedding planners or event planners.  Brides will have already picked their color and theme, so it would be fairly easy to create a website package that includes: invitations ,wedding gift directory and follow ups after the wedding is over.  See a blog post here about themes that are popular right now with brides.
You may want to create a contract for your web design clients. Especially if you have ongoing work, maintenance packages, or extra services. The sites I created were straight forward, with an option to purchase extra hours as needed - so I skipped creating a contract. If you choose one of these contracts, it's a good idea to have a lawyer take a look at it to make sure it's valid in your country/province/state


Consider following this process (including a contract) http://www.freelancetofreedomproject.com/freelance-process-to-save-time-impress-clients/

Q&A Calls

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