QuickStart Website Program sales page

Do you enjoy building WordPress websites

for friends and family?

You may be interested in building client sites

as an ‘add-on’ revenue stream, with my proven method.


Build Client Websites (in as little as 1 hr/site)

QuickStart Website Program includes:

  • Step by Step Walk through of my entire process
  • Two open office calls per week (Tues/Wed) for 4 weeks in Feb 2015
  • Supportive Group (max 22 per group) – available all year long
  • Build your own demo sites
  • Build your own custom system (after you’ve tried working with mine)
  • Access to ALL of my templates, framework, videos, themes and plugins (treat it like PLR (private label rights) where you would use the framework, but modify it to include your brand & style.)
  • Review your process.  I’ll look at the work flow, how you’ve set it up & make recommendations/suggestions (must be done within 60 days – to reward fast action takers)

Swipe Files Included

  • All of my quickstart tutorial files – video & pdf handouts (to modify with your own branding)
  • email swipe file (welcome email & after the project is finished)

    QuickStart Package Video Tutorials

    Example of the client video tutorials

  • My top 10 recommended plugins for client sites
  • Intake form – my detailed intake form to streamline your web client’s choices and accelerate your go-live time
  • Website Setup Checklist (this is the process I use to get the website done in 1 hour – you’ll want to use this for your first website & modify to suit your own unique needs.  This could be setup in Asana or To-Do, but I preferred the print version so I could hand-write short notes as I was going through the process)
  • For clients: website starter checklist (basically a duplicate of the Google intake document, but in word & pdf)
After our 4 week together I’d like to set up some time (within 60 days) to review what you’ve created, give feedback and help make creating websites as stress-free as possible for you.

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History of the QuickStart Website

Loralee_500x500In 2011, after building 50 or so WordPress sites myself, I began helping friends, family and a few clients to build theirs. I started to find shortcuts and methods to build them faster. But what I found frustrating is that it would take forever to teach someone else those first basic steps, when the most important thing (in my humble opinion) was for them to create their first website offer, blog post or begin building their email list.quickstart sample page

So, instead of helping them with the initial setup, I started to ask for their account login information – and I’d do the initial setup for them, and support them while they picked the right theme and set up their email list.

This helped, but it was still frustratingly slow…. I knew it didn’t need to take this long (sometimes weeks or months), so I made a workflow that was even easier.

I asked them to send me logins for their email provider, hosting company and to pick colors and fonts from a small list.

From their answers, I was able to create a fairly basic, clean looking website that already had SEO setup, email list setup, with an optin in the sidebar, all of the standard pages (like home, about, terms of service and disclosure), and regular backups. In many cases I included at least 3 blog posts on their main topic (from my PLR library).

And, I did all of this usually in 55 minutes – on rare occasions it would take a 1.5 hours.

Then I sent back their website login information & encouraged them to fill in more information on their home page, about pages, etc. And gave them links to my training videos so they could change their website as time went on.quickstart website

I was selling these websites for a very silly low price (because I have a bleeding heart for people who want to create a dream business, but don’t have a lot of cash) of $157.

Sometimes I’d sell it for less, and always justified it to myself because it took an hour of my time, and I earned affiliate commission when they signed up for website hosting through my links (sometimes $100 in commissions per website I built)

I wouldn’t recommend selling for such a low price…. somewhere in the $300-500 range makes a lot more sense.After building 100+ websites I became bored (is this a classic entrepreneur problem, I wonder?), and in early 2014 I offered to….

“sell my system” to other service based entrepreneurs – people like you.

And, I’m so glad I did! The most amazing people joined -and we had fun creating new income streams for their business.


But don’t just take my word for it….

…..these were some very enthusiastic messages from Kimberly and Mary, part way through the program  last year.


Kim Astin


Get Started Now for $299

Complete Program Outline

Week 1 (February 2-8, 2015)

Step 1: Step-by-Step w/ Loralee

(1 1/2 – 2 hours)

We’ll go through my process step by step and set up your first “practice site”, taking notes along the way of what you would prefer to do differently / uniquely for your special target market.  This will be a live call, and recorded for anyone who can’t attend live.

  1. print checklist
  2. have “wishlist” or notepad handy
  3. download “Sample Client Files” for practice website

Step 2: Biz Stuff

(1-2 hours)
  • setup as an affiliate with your favorite hosting company
  • tap into my video tutorials if you need any tech help setting up your site
  • create forms (using jotform or google drive)
  • look at gplclub.org or woogang.com
  • look at ManageWP.com
  • start thinking about niche/specialty
  • start marketing buzz (by offering a “free websetup” for step 4?)

Week 2 (February 9-16, 2015)

Step 3:  Set up your sample / demo site

(1-2 hours)
  • use what you learned in step 1 and create 1 demo site (with your favorite theme,  plugins and system)
  • share it with group members to get advice and tips.
  • ask questions during the Q&A call

Week 3 (February 16-22, 2015)

Step 4: Practice website build for a friend/family

(1-2 hours)
  • for a small fee or free + testimonials

Step 5: Revise and build your own custom system

(1-2 hours)
  • what would you do differently?
  • do you need to add support or FB group (ie. will these be ongoing clients?)
  • do you need to create a relationship with someone who can provide extra tech support / va support for these clients?
  • what other steps would you like to add to the process that aren’t already there?
  • what steps would you skip / don’t need?
  • how could you finish faster, with less stress and have more fun?

Step 6: Biz Stuff 2

(1-2 hours)
  • marketing – building buzz and tapping into opportunities where people are looking for someone just like you
  • affiliate – look for additional ways to bring in extra income through affiliate relationships

Week 4 (Feb 23 – Feb 28, 2015)

Step 7:  Wrap up

(1 hour)

  1. Attend Q & A calls & ask questions
      1. plus, listen to other peoples ideas
      2. don’t copy cat (obviously) but use others questions as inspiration to make yours simpler, faster, easier, more fun.
  2. Request review of your website (link to form will be included here part way through February)
  3. Add your name to the database / directory in the Biz Training Club  so people can find you when they’re looking for help.

Budget 10 hours over the next month. 


What is your investment in the QuickStart Program?

The group last year told me they learned far more than they did from other programs, including Girls Guide to Web Design – (not sure if yo know that one).
I’m pretty modest though, so I’m not inflating the price to match those other programs.
It’s $299, and I’m sure you can make back easily with your first or second paid project.
I also offer a 3 or 4 payment option, and I believe there is a 6 month payment option through paypal (for purchases over $99) if you’d like to test that out as well.

Nicola Holland

Starts Feb 1, 2015

Get Started Now for $299

QuickStart Program Includes

There are only 25 spots available, and I expect they will go quickly, like last year.

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Paypal or Stripe (toggle between either one, above)

Disclaimer: Although I can’t guarantee any specific income numbers from this program, it is reasonable to expect to earn back the registration fee within the first 1-2 websites you sell.

Refund Policy: Due to limited spacing, I can’t process refunds after the program starts. You will receive content in advance of the start date to help make sure this program is right for you.  Refunds can be requested 15 days in advance of the course start date (Feb 1). 50% refund will be available up to 3 days before the start date, and no refunds after Feb 1, 2015.

FAQ’s – (frequently asked questions)

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes! Absolutely.  I’ll be sending out one pre-recorded video as soon as I close off the sales & then there will be 2 open Q&A calls per week and they’ll be recorded too.

When does the program start?

We’ll get started on February 1, with the first group call on February 3rd.  I’ll add you to the Facebook group on Monday morning & send registration links to the calls (so you’ll receive automatic reminders only for the calls you want to be part of).
Every week we’ll focus on a new component, but you can work at your own pace too. The group will be very active during the first 4 weeks, and then will slow down a bit. But it’s there for the long term, to ask questions and get the support you need, in a safe environment.


Where did you find your client (I assume through your main biz site)? 

Most of them were through relationships I’d built with people on Facebook & through my website.  Some were friend referrals, and occasionally I would browse through Craigslist and respond to ads there… and point back to my sales page.


Did you niche down to a certain type of client?

I was looking specifically for people in my niche (holistic entrepreneurs, coaches & people who identify as healers)


Can you share sales patterns lows and high (just wondering about setting myself targets etc)

One to three weeks before the new bschool season started there was a big rush for websites. Also just before kids were out for summer. We can talk more about this inside the program too – I’m an open book & happy to share any insights I have. No holds barred.


When I’m on the checkout page, I see ‘your points’. What is this?

I have a points system through woocommerce. If you’ve purchased anything in the past, you’ll have points collected in your account.  Make sure you’re logged in before you purchase, and if you’d like to redeem the points towards this purchase, just click the “redeem points” button on the checkout page.

Do you use just one theme for these, or do you choose from several?

You can use any theme you’d like. That’s what makes this so unique. Just use my videos as a framework and create your own, so that the customers are listening to your voice…

Participants last year used these themes:

  1. Responsive – by Cyberchimps
  2. Divi – by Elegant Themes
  3. Weaver II
  4. Headway
  5. Genesis Themes – Studio Press
  6. iThemes
  7. Canvas – by Woothemes (I include this premium theme as part of the program)
I do think it’s valuable to pick one theme that’s flexible enough to use with various clients & then stick with it, to make the process easier… But that’s just my humble opinion :)

How many video tutorials are there?

I had originally designed the tutorials around 1 theme, and have 7 short videos to help the customer with getting used to their website. Then I redesigned the offering as a DIY system (using a new theme) and created almost all of the videos, before deciding I was bored to tears with the helping people with websites (sad, right?)

Did you find a optimum number of themes/layouts to offer ?

I made a decision to offer 1 theme that I was really happy with, that was free. And then offered 3 basic layouts that could be customized by them later.  My goal was to get them started with something that worked, vs fiddling around for months or years and not testing the viability of their business. My goal was not pretty, but functional.  Your goal might be very different.


Should I get myself an affiliate link for my hosting company bluehost/hostgator/dreamhost, etc?

Yes!! Easy peasy. This is a great way to earn additional revenue without any extra cost passed on to the client. I show you more details inside the program.


Did you offer an affiliate referral to clients who’s page you set up?

Yes… they could use a coupon code and reduce their purchase by $50 if they used my affiliate link. I’ve since found this is a breach of terms of service with Hostgator – be sure to check in with your host to make sure they approve.

Did you have a FAQ/mis communication with client with what was included and what wasn’t i.e. hosting, domain name?

Yes! I have a FAQ page that I shared with clients. And, I pass this on to you inside the program.


Did you get many refund requests? did you have a refund policy?

Only one… and it wasn’t a request.  The woman purchased it, and then asked me design her website as a PDF file and upload it to her host in Holland.  She didn’t want to use my hosting company or wordpress. It wasn’t a good fit, so I just refunded the money.


I assume the site are built on WP

Yes, WordPress for sure. It’s the most common one for solopreneurs, which means there is plenty of room in the market place for people like us who want to help. Although, I suspect a similar process could be used with other providers, but without the plugins I recommend.


When you say the program is only available for a “Limited time” – how limited is limited?

There are only 25 spots available. Last time 77 people send in questions about signing up, and 22 signed up within the first 3 days. I had to turn away 15 people in the next 3 days. It might not move as quickly this time, but I suspect it will still go really fast.
I plan to close the shopping cart by Jan 23rd even if it’s not full so that I can arrange the call schedule and prepare for the first week.


I was also wondering how much do you charge for a “Coaching / Mind picking Session”.

People sometimes use the 20 minute “rescue call” for this. It’s completely cool with me! It’s $60


I really want to do this, but money is a bit tight right now. Will you offer it again?

I don’t know if I’ll offer it again, but I have created a 3 and 4 payment option, if that would help.  The options should display in the checkout area.


You mentioned the possibilities are endless. Do you have any suggestions for niches?

Absolutely! Here are a few ideas:
  1. building membership sites for people who are creating online courses (you’d set up a fairly standard system and then tweak for them – you could probably get them up and running way faster than if they DIY)
  2. local service providers like:
    • chiropractors
    • hair stylists
    • massage therapists
    • moving companies
    • real estate agents
  3. websites specific for non-profits
  4. specific to YOUR own industry (market to people who you know really well already)
  5. Bundle with your expertise! If you are a coach or consultant, include a starter website with the packages you already offer:
    • Copywriter plus website
    • Coach plus website
    • Etsy store setup, plus website
    • MLM coaching, plus website
    • Graphic Designer, plus website
    • Wedding planning, plus website
    • Bookkeeping, plus website
    • SEO consulting, plus website
    • Social Media consultant, plus website

I’m sure the list could go on, and on. Think about the clients and customers you already work with, and the websites they need.

Get Started Now for $299