The 3rd gift for  Friday, December 20th is:

LimeTree Fruit Planners ($25 x 2)

 Click here to visit her site

You'll receive:

  • 1 planner for you & 1 to give to a friend of family member
  • 4 options for month layouts – big and open layouts for months where you need lots of space to make notes, or a cozy layouts for quieter months
  • 4 options for week layouts
  • 4 options for day layouts of week in one page a weekly recurrence {ya know, those weekly activities: laundry, groceries, gym.
  • An weekly recurrence calendar up on your desk – or fridge? – will keep the routine going.}
  • a monthly recurrence {ahem, recurrences happened every month too, don’t they?}
  • a year overview

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