My Reality of Location Independence

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Blog Challenge

portable bizDay 4 – What is your definition of Location Independence?

The freedom to work from anywhere I choose!

This was the biggest conundrum while running my accounting business. I had flexibility, autonomy, a great brand and support team. But I needed to be in one specific location for month end, quarter end and year end. When I left the city, my business didn’t function like I wanted it to and eventually revenue streams changed. I was the face of my business & when I wasn’t there (networking, bringing in new leads & consulting) the energy changed.

So, when I began designing this new business it was imperative that I created something that didn’t require a location. That I could provide my products or services if I was around the world, or in the same city.

This new life of location independence (or, running a portable biz) works for me, most of the time. But some days, like this week, I wish I still had my local networking groups to attend, or a colleague to invite out for coffee who already knows my story. It’s nice meeting new people, but it’s so much nicer being with familiar faces.


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