Content Creation

Creating content for your programs, courses or ebooks? Sometimes it can be overwhelming, knowing where to start. Other times it’s a bit like a firehose & you have too much information and don’t know how to condense it all.

I often turn to PLR (Private Label Rights) to help me create format & a bit more structure.  What you might, or might not know about me is that I have dyslexia.  You’ve probably picked it up from my terrible grammar and spelling, but it also impacts my ability to take what I know and share it in a cohesive manner. Using other peoples products as a guideline & then injecting my own personal experience, education and branding into programs has been a huge help.

Here are a few places where you can learn a bit more about PLR, what it’s like & even grab some freebies. I’m including my affiliate links here.  If you buy in the future I’ll probably earn a few dollars – but it all adds up & helps me do the work I love).

  1. Find out how to use PLR for content creation from Sharon Sheldon (huge list of training videos) 

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