Roundup Volume 7

by | Apr 24, 2014 | Business, weekly roundup

Weekly Roundup 6It’s been a while since my last roundup post.  And there’s a tonne that I want to pack into one short post. I hope I don’t bore you!

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Yesterday I returned from a 10 day onsite working blitz with one of my favorite clients.  When I came back I had so many goodies to look through in my inbox, that I knew I needed to share.  So, I dusted off roundup post template & I’m sharing below.

Free Fun Downloads

Free downloadable desktop wallpaper and desktop icons: No signup necessary! Just download and enjoy

Free adorable Ice Cream for Kids eBook complete with true cow tales from my farm and amazing photos taken by a 10 yr old! Get it here: Enjoy!

Free Business-ey stuff!!

  1. Twitter is a great way to keep your people informed on the move quickly and succinctly (when you know how!) my free training at would be some great foundations to make sure you have a strategy in your back pocket

  2. Denise Duffield Thomas talks about how to get going in business when you feel like you don’t have any experience and feel like a FRAUD.

Don’t worry – you can still get going with your biz NOW


  1. Free video tutorial on how she created our highest converting flyer (over 20000% ROI from it!) all just using PowerPoint, no fancy design skills needed!
  2. Free Training series to help you understand what’s really involved, how writing for the web is different, and how to avoid the MOST COMMON MISTAKES. Totally free. Enjoy!

  3. FREE Marketing Consulting. Two spots open for a FREE 45-minute consultation to work oStylingandstoriesn your sales letter, web copy, marketing strategy, social media engagement, business plan, brand + design, and any other business support you may need! Email me at to book your spot!




create_that_course5. You know you want to create that course and start making some money while helping people change their lives for the better. Not sure where to start or how to stay organized? Check out my FREE workbook “8 Simple Steps to Organize Your Course Content”.







  1. You’ve got a fire burning inside you that you’re ready to share with the world! Why not package it up and create a course! Reach more people and share your passion at the same time! Here’s a starter kit and if you have any questions, I’m here to help!



nikki elledge brown


  1. “This is probably the best website advice I’ve seen yet. From anyone.”
    -Amy Aversa, Sweet Basil Catering, NYC

Let’s write some great copy, people!

Click riiiiight here to watch video 1 and see what Amy’s talking about:



Biz Gadgets & Tools

(this cool tip is from Nomadtopia’s Amy Scott)   AwayFind (, which allows you to set up notifications via text or the smartphone app when you receive important emails. Great for when you’re expecting an important message but don’t want to check email every five minutes, and even more so when you’re offline and need to know if anything important has come in that would require you to go find Wi-Fi! Amy has been using it for years and it gives her a lot of peace of mind and allows her to go offline without worrying she’ll miss anything.


Shannon Lynberg is hosting a free webinar next Wedesday April 30th all about purposeful travel – perfect for anyone who has thought about being location independent or who wants to travel with more purpose.

Big Sales this week:

Work-from-Anywhere Test Drive

Things I’m testing this week:

  1. Classifieds plugins for AskLoralee (see note above about the results of last weeks vote)
  2. An alternative to the Q&A plugin at – the one I’m currently using keeps locking out paid members – very frustrating.

Favorite Fun post this week!

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Have a great weekend! See you next week.

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