Is rss still relevant in 2014?

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Business

rss relevant 2014

I was never a big fan off google reader (an rss reader).

In fact, I didn’t understand why people would choose to subscribe to a blog via RSS instead of signing up for regular email updates.

Until this month.

I can’t even put my finger on the exact moment I came to this realization. It’s really been a combination of influences.

Maybe it was the conversation in a FaceBook group. Started by someone who never, ever subscribes to an email list, because she only reads blog posts in her rss reader.

Maybe it’s my exhaustion, every time I think of creating a blog post…

Because I know that it also means I will need to create;

  • compelling graphics
  • post a million times in social media
  • write another clever email to my email list
  • with an equally compelling subject line.

Maybe it’s because I’ve noticed a steady decline in revenue after shifting to primarily communicating by email vs blogging – under the assumption that I can reach a more targeted audience if they’ve signed up to hear from me.

Or, maybe it’s simply because I was starting to realize I was so busy reading emails in my inbox, that I almost never click through to read the full blog post.

Whatever the reason, I installed Feedly on my tablet a couple of months ago. And since then have noticed that the favorite part of my day is when I get to curl up with a cup of coffee & read through new blog posts.

These blog posts aren’t competing with other messages in my email inbox, to catch up with current trends, thought leaders or really clever tutorials. Instead, I can truly absorb the content, share the ones I believe other people will benefit from, bookmark posts I’d like to read again sometime. And mark the rest as “read”.

And that’s when I started to realize that focusing on list building first and foremost, might actually be a big problem  – for me anyway. I’d much, much rather build a relationship with people first. Share what I know….

Share my opinions and start a conversation. And then – if there’s a great connection – invite people to stay engaged via email.

Is rss still relevant in 2014? For me it is, yes. In fact, I’m actually experiencing it for the very first time. And I think I finally get it.

I don’t want to make any big, bold claims today. But I think you could safely bet that you’ll see much more of me here, on this blog, than in your inbox.
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If you’re an rss reading guy or gal, feel free to add me to your reader! I’ll try not to disappoint.


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