Run it past your Advisory Board

by | Jul 27, 2012 | Business

Advisory_BoardYou have plenty of ideas, and you’re pretty clear that working on ALL of them at once isn’t going to do you any favors. How do you decide which one to focus on?

This is a good time to have an advisory board you can count on to help you flesh out the good from the bad.  Call on friends who know you well, but you’ll also need to get advice from business owners.  Reach out to people in a similar situation and ask if you can take turns bouncing ideas off each other for a few weeks.


Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this new plan allow creativity
  2. Is if Profitable? How easy will it be to monetize?
  3. Does it offer opportunities for celebration
  4. Will you have enough down time? (or end up working crazy hours?)
  5. Will this keep you away from the #1 thing you’ve been wanting to do with your life? (you know… that one thing your heart wants to do?)

p.s. Don’t create another JOB for yourself.

This is your opportunity to create your DREAM business.

Is there anything you’re holding back?  Is this really the biggest dream version you’d like to create?  In the first version of my re-designed biz I created something that was fun at the time, but kept me away from doing what I love…  A good mentor asked me a few questions that started a percolation.  A few days later I saw the light.  I may in fact still be thinking too small.  Check in with yourself.  What would it look like to live full out?

Action Items:

  1. Ask for help creating an advisory board
  2. Watch Simon Sinek video – Start with Why

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