Shoeboxed and 6 Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Bookkeeping

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This post is part of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Just leave a comment below to enter to win today’s prize. This post also includes some affiliate links (disclosure)shoeboxed

You may already know that prior to creating my completely portable business I owned an accounting/consulting business. I worked with nearly 1000 small business owners during those years & deeply understand the angst of collecting, managing and stressing over paperwork. Receipts get out of hand quickly & there’s an unbelievable amount of unnecessary shame and guilt people often feel for letting it get out of control. That’s why I want to talk about this topic today. You absolutely don’t need to use the tools I mention here today, but at a minimum, consider taking a quick snapshot (photo) of any business receipts so that you can later sort through them at tax time. In fact, getting in the habit of scanning/ taking a photo of all receipts wouldn’t hurt. Especially if you’re not fully aware of what is or isn’t a viable business expense. [Tweet “The average person misses $460 in claimed deductions every year. I’m not going to be one of them. “] The average person misses $460 in claimed deductions every year. The mission of Shoeboxed, is to make sure we are not one of them.Say goodbye to paper clutter! They have some amazing tools to make bookkeeping easier to manage. Pair this with some of the other tools in this blog post & your bookkeeping just got a whole lot easier. They have a completely free account, that’s a tiny bit of extra work on your part, but still very helpful (It’s what I’m currently using, paired with my free Wave Accounting app)

Step 1: Set up a free DIY Account with Shoeboxed

Set up your free account hereshoeboxed_free_for_life (includes my aff link)

Step 2: Use the smart phone app to take pictures of your receipts

Android & IOS apps allow you to quickly take a snapshot of your paper images & send them to your account.

(5 scanned or picture receipts are included per month with the DIY free plan – It’s more than enough for me, because I  tend to send the rest via email)

Step 3: Setup your Gmail Sync (or setting for any other email provider)

(Unlimited documents via email or web browser in the DIY free plan)

With an increasing number of receipts coming through email, what better way to achieve this than with the new Gmail Receipt Sync by Shoeboxed? If you already have shoeboxed, click this link to get started with gmail sync Once you’ve done this, Gmail will spot incoming receipts and submit them to Shoeboxed on your behalf. They undergo processing – where vendor, total amount, date and payment type are extracted and available in your searchable online account.

  • One-time, one-minute setup
  • Link multiple Gmail accounts, no limits
  • Link to multiple Shoeboxed accounts
  • Never miss or spend time searching your inbox for receipts ever again


Don’t use Gmail?

No problem! Forward email receipts to Shoeboxed instead, in just a couple clicks. Here’s how:

  1. Create a contact in your phone or your email contact list called “Shoeboxed.”
  2. Save your Shoeboxed email address under that contact.
  3. Forward eReceipts to Shoeboxed from your phone or your regular email in seconds.

Tip: Find your Shoeboxed email address & make it easier to remember

  1. log into your account
  2. Under your name, click User Settings
  3. Under Account Info, select General
  4. Your shoeboxed email address can be modified
 (unlimited document sends with the DIY free forever plan)


Step 4: Edit & Manage your Receipts

After you’ve sent in your receipts, your Shoeboxed account will start processing receipts. The next time you log in it will look like this. shoeboxed_gmail_receipts I schedule time in my calendar to look at my bookkeeping once per week. I make sure they’re categorized in the right way & tidy up any loose ends. It makes tax time so much easier, and really only takes about 15-20 min per week.

 Step 5: Integrate with your Accounting Software

If you’re using Wave like I am, then go to your Account Settings & Integrations to connect your account.Shoeboxed_Wave They will ask you to confirm, by logging into your Shoeboxed account. Tip: Make these steps easier by using your LastPass login so you don’t need to remember all of your passwords

Step 6: Connect the dots between Shoeboxed and Accounting Software

Whether you’re using Wave, Xero, QuickBooks Online, or GoDaddy Bookkeeping, you’ll need to connect the dots between Shoeboxed and your Accounting software. It’s usually just a one time thing, so spend a few minutes to do this as soon as you can. Shoeboxed_Wave_001 Match them up the best you can. It’s easy to change later, but this step does save a lot of future work if you get it right the first time.

That’s it! You’re ready to go

You’ve done all the heavy lifting now. As you go throughout the rest of this year & next, create new habits of taking pictures of your receipts, and forwarding emails to your shoeboxed account. Spend a bit of time each week or month making sure the receipts have been put into the right categories. Look at your Income & Expense Reports to see if you’re on the right track. Make adjustments as you go, and ask for help if you need it.

Other Perks of Using Shoeboxed (DIY Free Plan)

  1. Mileage Tracking  –  Instantly capture receipt images from anywhere, and to use your phone’s built-in GPS for easy, accurate mileage tracking.  (Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android)
  2. Sync with CRM – Ditch the piles of business cards and create an online database of your contacts. Send contact information to your favorite email or CRM program, or download a CSV file to import into virtually any program you use.
  3. Integrates with tools you already use – You can use Shoeboxed with almost every popular accounting program, which means no more manual entry, no more missing receipts, and no more headaches. Learn how to integrate the above tools with these tutorials 
    1. Evernote
    2. Xero
    3. Scansnap
    4. Wave
    5. Intuit QuickBooks (only with plans $29.95 and up)
    6. Godaddy Bookkeeping
    7. FreshBooks
    8. MYOB AccountRight
    9. Salesforce
  4. Easy Expense Reports – Expense reporting has never been easier. In just a few clicks, you can create comprehensive expense reports from the web and your mobile device.
  5. IRS and CRA compliant – Scanned receipt images are accepted by both the IRS and CRA, allowing you to simplify tax filing and maximize every deduction.


What if I don’t like the DIY Method, or have a lot of paper receipts?

You might be interested in the paid plans with Shoeboxed. Especially if you’re in the USA. They will send you a prepaid envelope, you put in your paperwork (including business cards) and they will scan everything for you, for as little as $30/mo

  • They send prepaid, pre-addressed envelopes to your door.
  • Fill them with receipts, business cards or other documents and they scan and data enter everything for you!
  • QuickBooks Online Integration
  • Short turnaround on scanned documents (less than 5 days)

Giveaway for December 22, 2014  3 months Shoeboxed (value $90)

Make taxes & bookkeeping easier with One winner will receive 3 months of the Classic plan from Shoeboxed including:

  • 150 Scans per month
  • prepaid Magic Envelopes (works in US only)
  • 2-3 day turnaround time for mailed docs
  • docs returned
  • QuickBooks integration


To enter the contest:

  1. Leave a comment below.
  2. If you want an extra entry, share this post with a friend and ask him/her to say you referred them. 1 entry for them, and an extra one for you.

On December 24th I’ll draw a random name (through from the comments left on this post, to select a winner of 3 months of Shoeboxed. Happy Holidays! loralee-hutton-sig-150.png

p.s. remember to come back tomorrow to see what I’m giving away next, or go back to previous days & enter to win)

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