5 Day Product Challenge [closed for now]


14 Day Product Challenge (an accelerated version) will run from September 22-28


  • built in accountability (in the members area – via checklists and progress reports)
  • ask questions, get feedback & stay on track in a private members area (for people who don’t want to be distracted by Facebook)

After signing up, you’ll receive access to my new forum, which may have a few technical glitches (hopefully not, but it’s possible). Helping me test the system is more than enough payment, so I’m making this completely free of charge.

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Create & sell your digital product in this 14 5 day program. This program is for solopreneurs who love to roll up their sleeves and help their customers.

You have this great idea, this product you want to create. The idea is sitting there on a post it note, and you know its a good one, but time or lack of it gets in the way. You wake up and its sitting there waiting to be created. The 14 day product challenge (this time, only 5 days) is your time to just do it, get started, get it finished and push the LAUNCH Button. Its not about making money (well maybe a little), but more about listening to your heart and finally putting your passion on paper for the world to receive.

You’ll have full access to workbooks, checklists, and so much support from me and others who have already gone through the program before. We’re here to support you.

And the best part, FINISH your product or course. Because finishing really does change everything.


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