Meditation For Beginners Guide (Tweak & Sell)


Your new “Meditation for Beginners” book that you can edit/modify and sell to your customers. Including social media images, product covers, cheatsheet, resource guide and a sales page that actually looks good.

Limited Copies Available

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Limited Copies Available

Modify this product to your heart's content, and sell it to your customers as an online course, live program, or live event.

Inside you'll find:

  • 26-page main report (approx 10,000 words) with .DOCX & PDF format - open it in Google Docs, Word or Open Office
  • Cheatsheet (bullet points of the course & places to add an upsell to a full course or another offer of your choice)
  • Mindmap (I would recommend using this as an example and make a new one in Canva, etc)
  • Responsive mini-site that you can upload to your hosting platform (you can skip WordPress - it's ready to go, just pop in your links). I've optimized all of the images for the web for you. See the sales page here, thank you page here (the links will need to be updated)
  • 2 Sales videos (powerpoint & doodle) that you could use right away, but I recommend using their script and powerpoint presentation match your voice
  • 45 Graphics (choose the ones you'd like to use in their JPG and edit them with Photoshop, Gimp etc with the original PSD format)
    • Banners x 10 (you could share these with affiliates, put them in your newsletter and add them to the sidebar of your site)
    • 3D product shots x 5
    • 2D ecovers - 10 variations
    • Social Media Images x 20 (photo without text, photo with text, original PSD and font info so you aren't starting from scratch)
  • Articles you can use for your blog or newsletter x 10 with .DOCX and .TXT format
  • Email Swipes x 5 as part of your sales funnel (after they sign up for a freebie), or add use the text in your upcoming newsletters

A quick way to start earning from this product! (build a sales funnel)

  1. Start by picking a main cover graphic that you'd like to work with
  2. Then, customize the cheat sheet and resource guide (or just one of them) so that you can give them away as freebies (don't spend too much time - people appreciate content adds value, but that they can consume quickly)
  3. Option 1 - Create a landing page in your newsletter software, or add an opt-in form to your website using your new graphics. Create a signup confirmation email that includes the new pdf(s)
  4. Option 2 - Save your reports(s) as a PDF and either upload them to your e-commerce store and "sell" it for free or upload to your online storage (like Google Drive or Dropbox)
  5. Now, schedule a follow-up email series using the 5 emails as a starting point. remember to include educational components in the emails (this could be some content from the articles, the main report, or your personal experiences)
  6. Move onto some of the social media graphics and start sharing a few - point towards the report(s) and let people know you're currently working on creating a book or course (based on the 26-page report)
  7. Ask your followers if there's anything you'd like them to include in the book/program. It helps them to buy into before it's ready & will help keep you motivated
  8. Now you can move onto the main product. Add in your own anecdotes, professional/personal experiences, and answer any of the questions/requests that have come up since posting on social media
  9. If you're keeping it in a book format, remember to include your bio, links to ways people can get in touch with you, and mention at least one other thing they can buy from you. Then save it as a PDF
  10. Choose one of the Sales Videos and modify it. Upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, etc
  11. Option 1 - Use the framework of the sales page to create your landing page
  12. Option 2 - Make changes to the html website using Elementor or free software like Tiny Cloud, SeaMonkey or Kompozerand then upload it through FTP or Cpanel to your hosting company

Grab your copy today and build another sales funnel for your business!


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