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This is the private link for the QuickStart Website “swipe files”.

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This is the private link for the QuickStart Website "swipe files".


  • swipe files
  • two Q&A calls per week
  • follow up / review of your setup
  • intake documents
  • follow up emails

FAQ's - (frequently asked questions)

Will the first call be video recorded?

Yes! Absolutely.  I'll be sending out one pre-recorded as soon as I close off the sales & then there will be 2 open Q&A calls per week and they'll be recorded too

Where did you find your client (I assume through your main biz site)? 

Most of them were through relationships I'd built with people on Facebook & through my website.  Some were friend referrals, and occasionally I would browse through Craigslist and respond to ads there... and point back to my sales page.

Did you niche down to a certain type of client?

I was looking specifically for people in my niche (holistic entrepreneurs, coaches & people who identify as healers)

Can you share sales patterns lows and high (just wondering about setting myself targets etc)

One to three weeks before the new bschool season started there was a big rush for websites. Also just before kids were out for summer.

I was wondering what the 'your points' were on your sales cart page?

I have a points system through woocommerce. If you've purchased anything in the past, you'll have points collected in your account.  Make sure you're logged in before you purchase, and if you'd like to redeem the points towards this purchase, just click the "redeem points" button on the checkout page.

Do you use just one theme for these, or do you choose from several?

The person I trained to use my "system" has used another theme. She used my videos as a framework and created her own, so that the customers were listening to her voice...
I do think it's valuable to pick one theme that's flexible enough to use with various clients & then stick with it, to make the process easier... But that's just my humble opinion 🙂

How many video tutorials are there?

I had originally designed the tutorials around 1 theme, and have 7 short videos to help the customer with getting used to their website. Then I redesigned the offering as a DIY system (using a new theme) and created almost all of the videos, before deciding I was bored to tears with the helping people with websites (sad, right?)

Did you find a optimum number of themes/layouts to offer ?

I made a decision to offer 1 theme that I was really happy with, that was free. And then offered 3 basic layouts that could be customized by them later.  My goal was to get them started with something that worked, vs fiddling around for months or years and not testing the viability of their business. My goal was not pretty, but functional.  Your goal might be very different.

You mentioned contest on the site sales page? Any guidance on what worked well?

I'm not sure about this one.  Can you point me to a reference spot?

Should I get myself an affiliate link for my hosting company bluehost/hostgator/dreamhost, etc?

Yes!! Easy peasy

Did you offer an affiliate referral to client who's page you set up?

Yes... they could use a coupon code and reduce their purchase by $50 if they used my affiliate link.

Did you have a FAQ/mis communication with client with what was included and what wasn't i.e. hosting, domain name?

Yep! You'll get it too.

Did you get many refund requests? did you have a refund policy?

Only one... and it wasn't a request.  The woman purchased it, and then asked me design her website as a PDF file and upload it to her host in Holland.  She didn't want to use my hosting company or wordpress. It wasn't a good fit, so I just refunded the money.

I assume the site are built on WP

Yes, wordpress for sure. It's the most common one for solopreneurs, which means there is plenty of room in the market place for people like us who want to help.

When you say Limited - how limited is limited?

I think I'll be full by tomorrow night and send out the files on Thursday.  I may take as many as 20 people, but ideally 15... 77 people have the information (I'm not replying to anymore new requests now), and about half have said they're interested, but I can't say how many will follow through.

I was also wondering how much do you charge for a "Coaching / Mind picking Session".

People sometimes use the 20 minute "rescue call" for this. It's completely cool with me! It's $60

I really want to do this, but money is a bit tight right now. Will you offer it again?

I don't know if I'll offer it again, but I have created a 3 payment option if that would help.  This link will take you directly to paypal & I'll send you a manual receipt after it's processed.

You mentioned the possibilities are endless. Do you have any suggestions for niches?

Absolutely! Here are a few ideas:
  1. building membership sites for people who are creating online courses (you'd set up a fairly standard system and then tweak for them - you could probably get them up and running way faster than if they DIY)
  2. local service providers like chiropractors, hair stylists, massage therapists often don't want to create their own, but need an online presence.
  3. websites specific for non-profits
  4. specific to YOUR own industry (market to people who you know really well already)
  5. Bundle with your expertise!  Copywriter plus website | Coach plus website | Etsy store setup plus website | MLM coaching plus website | Membership site setup |  online course portal websites | book authors |  (you get the idea, right?


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  1. Nicola Holland (verified owner)

    Loralee goes above and beyond to make sure everyone understands exactly how to set up a system that suits them and their needs. She only takes on a few clients at a time so that she can adapt the information to the varying levels of technical experience so that no-one is left behind or feeling frustrated that they are further ahead. I highly recommend! 🙂

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