Over the past several years I've been using these words and writing them everywhere.  It's become a mantra.




Sometimes I abandon the thought for a while.  It can be overwhelming when you've got "so much stuff".  There was a time where I thought maybe I should turn myself into the tv show Hoarders.  But I kept moving forward, and as with all things in life a way showed up for me to reduce the amount of 'stuff' I was carrying around.

This month I'm going through some new shifts and changes while in B-school.  I'm finally creating the new business model I've wanted to design for years, and in some ways it's creating a new clutter in my life.  So I come back to the question again and ask, "How can I streamline and simplify this process?"  Or this thing I'm creating, or the templates I'm designing or the new filing system.  You get the idea.

So today I even made the change to a new twitter name.  When I originally chose my twitter name (in 2008?) my goal was to have the least number of characters.  It seemed prudent.  Now I see people who are using their full name & it makes sense to me.   Over the next month or two I'll be moving everything I can over to this website www.loraleehutton.com and directing people to my "like page" on facebook , and all twitter followers to http://twitter.com/loraleehutton


Life just got simpler for me anyway.  One name to remember (my own - how simple is that).  The benefits?

  • I will be able to separate some of my personal life from my business life again (using facebook to connect with friends and family) and the "fan page" to stay connected with people I work with in the business community.
  • www.loraleehutton.com will be my home base & you'll be able to find out what I'm working on, where I'm traveling, and find quick directions to the projects I'm working on.
  • It's a great place to give me feedback and comments and let me know how I can better serve you.

How are you streamlining things in your life and business.  Do you have any suggestions to create a simpler life?  Please share them in the comment section below.  We're all listening.

~ Loralee


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