What do you do?

Yesterday we talked about “Do What You Love”, and today, “What Do You Do”. It is the magic question of the day for me. And it also happens to be the Burning Question in Danielle Laportes weekly series. This used to be easy for me! (answering...

How to make a simple ebook for free

Do you have “Make an ebook for my newsletter giveaway” on your to-do list? As entrepreneurs we’re inundated with information, more so than other people in the business world.  We see our friends, and direct competitors (said with love, my competitors...

work from home happiness

  I awoke this morning with a big smile on my face, the birds are singing outside my window and I can feel spring in the air. I feel alive! Today is the first day in months that I’ve worked from home. The first day in months when my own personal agenda came...

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