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Passions are like breadcrumbs that lead you on the path to your destiny ~ Janet Attwood

I wrote this on January 17, 2010 (exactly 1 year ago today)

I have been writing packing lists my entire life.  people have made fun of the systems I’ve created.  Sometimes they do seem over the top, I’ll be honest.  But the truth is, these packing lists (the act of organizing the first steps) are intuitively what brings dreams to life, in all areas of life.

Think about this with me for a moment.  I’m dreaming about taking a trip to a warm destination.  I don’t yet have the funds to travel.  I don’t have have a friend or family member who wants to go with me.  So I feel a little discouraged.  I could simply say,

“Maybe it’s not the right time to go.  I’ll wait until next year (or 10 years from now)”.

But something inside me says “create a list.  A packing list”.  and, I start listing things I’d bring, like my skirts, and tops, toothbrush, novel, flip flops, mp3 player, passport, bandaids… Well, go take a look at some of my lists and you’ll see how detailed I get.  I’m not sure they needed to be.  But what it’s doing is creating a very clear vision in my mind of me physically being there in that space.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I want to be on that trip.

And I”ll be honest.  The few times I’ve not wanted to create a packing list, or get organized for a business trip, I simply knew I shouldn’t go.  Plain and simple.

This concept is much bigger than going on trips.  If you’re passionate about something in your life, create a roadmap for yourself.  It doesn’t need to be a “crazy” packing list like mine.  Or maybe it is 🙂  But be clear.

Janet Attwood says, “Passions are like breadcrumbs that lead you on the path to your destiny”.  Follow those clues you’re leaving for yourself in your lists, and ‘big dream’ moments, and live in your destiny.


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