#1 thing to do before selling your course or program

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So many people miss this one super easy step, and find them selves in a bit of a panic when their first customers sign up for a course or program. Instead of worrying about what might happen, or worse, not thinking about it at all, set aside 30 minutes and go through this one thing, before asking for the sale!

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Before you get started [a few tricks]

  1. If you have a gmail account, your gmail account can have anything tagged to the end. So if your gmail address is: janet.smith@gmail.com you can also use janet.smith+testingTeachable@gmail.com or janet.smith+anything@gmail.com
  2. Remember, purchasing with your own credit card and then issuing a refund is the absolute best way, vs issuing yourself a coupon to make the purchase “free”.

Step 1: Open a private browser or incognito browser

open private browser

Step 2: Imagine you’re a brand new customer

Seeing your product or course through the lens of a new student. Are things where they will expect them to be?

Step 3: Sign up as a new customer

Try signing up for your course or product (a paid one or a free one). You’ll see the entire purchase process, and be able to spot any potential problems.

Step 4: Watch what’s happening at every single step.

Consider taking screenshots, so that you can show your students what it will look like as they’re paying for a course at your school.

Things you’ll want to test

  • Test a coupon code. Does it work the way you expect it to?
  • What emails are you receiving after you’ve enrolled as a new student/customer

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Is this post missing anything?

Do you have anything else that should be added to this list? What other things to do you do before you sharing with your customers?

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  1. Gene J. Horton

    Interesting tip. One can figure out if anything is wrong with their website.
    I could even make a blog post out of it to show step wise how the program works.

    • gimmykim

      great tip. i also never thought about incognito

  2. Akilah

    Great tip, I test on a different browser didn’t think about going into incognito mode

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