Those little Opt In Boxes sometimes make our visitors feel like we’re trying to take something from them (their email address).  Is there a better way?

imageDoes your site instantly communicate Giving or Taking? ~ Clay Collins

A lot of experts encourage adding opt-in boxes do additional places on our websites. I know it works for some people, but have you noticed personally that you’re not willing to give out your email address as often as you did in the past? It’s becoming precious, isn’t it?  It sometimes “feels like” websites are only looking to collect my email address – for something.  I know this isn’t always true. But it doesn’t stop me from feeling a little cautious and protective of my email address (which represents time, freedom and privacy to me now)

If it’s true for you, there’s a good chance people who visit your website are feeling the same way.

Your visitors might be ignoring your “opt-in box” entirely.

Earlier this month a friend sent me a link to this Marketing Show episode.  It’s almost 10 minutes (long for a lot of us with short attentions spans), but I promise it’s worth it.

There are 2 things I want you to watch for:

  1. How sites like Groupon are using a strategy to ease visitors through the process of signing up (around min: 3:00), by answering a yes or no question first.
  2. How to create a step system, with a “poor mans method” at minute 5:30


The full post is here:

Do you see this same trend? Could you use one of his strategies to help you convey giving vs. taking? Share below what you learned from this video.

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