Time to Rest

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Stairway at Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC Canada – September 2011 – Loralee Hutton

After some serious stair climbing, camping and other adventures while juggling business responsibilities my body decided it was time to rest. This wasn’t the first time I’ve taken an unplanned rest. And although it was a simple cold/flu bug I once again was faced with this dilemma of not being able to “get everything done” that was on my ‘to do list’.

So instead of moving on to the next adventure, a business decision was promptly made to stay in one spot for 2 weeks. It was time to unpack, recover and get back into the business groove.

During the resting stage I discovered a few things.

You might also love a blog post by Danielle Laporte at White Hot Truth about taking a pause (sadly, I’m still searching for the specific blog post – I’ll edit it the moment I find it. She speaks about taking a pause. A nice long pause between big projects. How the body needs it, the mind needs it, and if we don’t choose to take one, they tend to happen anyway. And how we can embrace them.
This past year I’ve taken on 1 big client project that propelled me into 60+ hour work weeks (her project and my own) for several months. Immediately after, I began working on another dream project, but at the same time I made a commitment to be involved in another masterminding program – it’s where I shine & when I do my best work. And as I was searching for the right and perfect mastermind I found 2. One, with all the normal structure I was used to (Virtual Mastermind), and another in the form of an 8 week online business school called RHH B-School that combined accountability, community & solid business training. I immersed myself in it – completely.

In these programs I found:

  • New opportunities to be creative.
  • To focus on my new ideal client avatar (really getting into psychographics and connecting on a deep level)
  • The wisdom of group interaction & how social media can truly bring together like minded people to do great work
  • I found a community where I could show up as ME, and have them mirror back my true gifts and talents.
  • Like-minded people who were also moving forward in their business – the forward motion was palpable
  • A platform to test out new ideas, products and programs and get almost immediate feedback.

It’s brilliant! And I moved on to create new things, build amazing relationships and business opportunities. And then had the courage to make a big move without changing my momentum.

And I forgot the basic life principle.

In order to have something of a higher nature, you must give up something of a lower nature.

Or – “Something’s gotta give!”

Simply, I needed to make room for the time it would take to move onto this new venture.

I wasn’t honoring my personal time, space to retreat, me time. This is so important, that it’s built right into my business plan – I just didn’t consult my business plan, or reinforce it.

So I’m taking it now, in a quiet hotel room with my laptop a journal and carving out space for only a few phone calls & one on one meetings. I’m taking long walks by the ocean, and discovery little spots of beauty (like this floating house below)

(floating houses in Victoria, BC – Loralee Hutton)


Do you need to take some time to rest? Can you do it before your body “forces you” to do it? I’d love to hear how you take time to rest, when it’s so easy to ‘be busy’.

~ Loralee

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  1. Kathleen

    Love my body!! And… LOVE LIFE!! and there certainly is a dance and stillpoint betwixt and between the two!
    “Except for the point, the still point, There would be no dance, and there is only the dance.” ~ T.S. Eliot Four Quartets Stanza II

    What is so bizarre for me… or at least bizarre to the neo-cortex! haha! is that where the stillpoint is? there IS where the dance is. If I go and give my body a rest… walk in the canyon… do authentic movement… paint… nap… truly the depth of soul there is overflowing! and yet so restFULL!

    At the same time… life is just not always in balance and I am okay with that. Sometimes one needs to fully engage in something when it is new… and by its nature, it consumes everything else. The human criatura is truly magnificent… and eventually finds her way to loving herself to health again… unless she does not love herself. Glad you are doing that, Loralee!

  2. Tina Pruitt

    Right on Loralee! It is so easy for us to forge ahead full-speed, and forget about taking care of the “car” that is our body! It needs fuel (good nutrition), it needs pit-stops (rest and self-care), and it needs attention regularly. When we forget to do those things it can result in a total breakdown. Congrats for recognizing that it was time for a rest….a break. The 2011 ride has been amazing so far….

    Go girl!

    The Green Juice Coach

  3. Jennifer Peek

    I can so relate! It’s funny how your body will try to send you messages – and amp them up until you actually get the message. For me this showed up as a wicked cold in the last week – not unlike the message you got.

    I particularly love this part “This is so important, that it’s built right into my business plan – I just didn’t consult my business plan, or reinforce it” – both that you put it in your plan and that you forget to look at your plan.

    All good reminders!

  4. Yvette

    Love this: In order to have something of a higher nature, you must give up something of a lower nature — truer words have not been spoken, LoraLee 🙂 Rest does your body & mind good. When I don’t take my *me* time to recharge I can’t focus, lead, think, be creative nothing. It is so important to take time to ahhhh, sadly so many of us wait until we are sick or worse to take time off. I encourage all my clients to schedule in some me time during the week no matter what. Its one of the ways to feel that balance that so many of us are elusively after. 😉

  5. Maddy Vertenten

    I have learned to truly honor the rhythms of life. And when I inevitably get sucked into the busyness of my mind’s plan, if it’s especially incongruent to the bigger picture, a good knock on my ass (cold/allergy/injury) serves as a reminder! A couple books I love on this topic are ‘Sabbath’ by Wayne Muller and ‘In Praise of Slowness’ by Carl Honore. After a huge business surge last April, I gave myself the month of July (and really, half of August) off. It was beautiful! I engaged in art projects, fiction, attending my 8YO daughter’s ‘school’, and delved into healthier cooking and green juicing. It was (literally and figuratively) a fruitful time! Integrating rest into a full-fledged creative forward-moving project is still challenging. Morning meditation and thrice weekly dance classes really help!

  6. Michelle Wong

    I totally need time to rest! I often forget to rest because I love what I do! Thanks for the reminder 🙂 It’s great hearing your takeaways from your experiences. I dig the photos. They’re really serene!

    • admin

      That’s great insight Michelle. I suspect that’s the issue for a lot of us. I too love what I do, and my mind and spirit want to keep going, but my body really needs a rest. And when I rest, I realize my mind and spirit needed a break too. Funny, that! Loralee
      p.s. Thanks for the compliments on the photos. I often hesitate posting pictures from my blackberry because of quality, but I think they also help tell the story.

  7. Kerrie Blazek

    Oh yes, my dear, rest is so important as you embark on your new journey. I applaud your insights and pray you emerge poised for the next great thing!

  8. Jessica Kupferman

    I seem to be taking one of those unplanned rests myself these days – due to an unending amount of sinus trouble. I wish I had listened to my body last week and hadn’t let it get so run-down. At least now I have an excuse to not be productive! Still, that’s so sad that I feel less guilty because I legitimately feel like death. I’ve gotten very good at listening to my instincts, I wish I was better at listening to my body too.

    • admin

      I’m with you Jessica. Maybe it’s time for us to implement “well days” in our offices and not just sick days?

  9. Laurie Rosenfeld

    Great reminders! Especially this one: “In order to have something of a higher nature, you must give up something of a lower nature.” I used to have a policy that I wouldn’t bring anything new into the house without removing something at the same time. Seems I need to do the same with my business. Add an exciting new project or client? Take away something else. Good food for thought. And congrats on listening to your body and taking some rest.

    • admin

      Oh! I love that quote too Laurie. I think a whole block post/article could be written about it. Are you up for it?

  10. Laura Gates

    It must be the autumn equinox that almost whispers on the cooler air blowing through the trees… time to rest, time to slow down, time to begin storing and sorting and packing and getting things ready for the hibernation ahead. I sometimes feel like a bear. When the cold weather approaches I just want to curl up by the fire, with a book, a cup of tea and hunker down for the long, cold winter – even though I live in Northern California. It isn’t snowing like it did where i grew up in Upstate New York, but it is raining, and cold and foggy. Thanks for the reminder Loralee, to give ourselves permission to take care of our bodies and rest in between.

    • admin

      And thank you for the reminder Laura. It gave me a moment to pause & remember I generally do need this extra time near the end of September and early October. It’s been sunny & warm where I am, but I don’t think it changes the way we’re hard wired. It’s time to get ready for that slower winter season. Thanks!

  11. Laurie Erdman

    Thank you for sharing this. We so often push our bodies beyond their limits. Taking breaks to help them restore is brilliant for your health and business. If we don’t, but our body screams. I try not to live too much in regret, but I do regret continuing to negotiate a contract from my bed while I had the flu. I really stupid idea.

    Enjoy your retreat.

    • admin

      Negotiating a contract from bed ~ that sounds like a story that begs to be told. If you’re still around, want to share it?

  12. Tanya

    This couldn’t have been more timely! I’m feeling the call to rest … and where I’m struggling is I feel like I was resting but now I’m getting I was doing a lot of healing work and now it is time to integrate. So the rest is not doing the “healing work” – the rest is after the healing work just taking time off.

    • admin

      I hope you take the rest you crave Tanya. I really & truly unplugged for the past 24 hours, and amazingly I feel refreshed and ready for tomorrow. It’s amazing what one day can do. Enjoy your break too. ~ Loralee

  13. Jenn Burton


    I totally hear you. My something has got to give moment came this past couple of months when I finally realized I had to shut my brick and mortar business and focus on my true passions and myself. This unplanned break has created to most space for my serenity, happiness, and connection. Brilliant post.

    • admin

      Oh Jenn, I’d love to hear more about your decision, and how you’ve so easily moved to serenity & happiness. I did the same thing 2 years ago, and although some of me felt instant relief, I found that the bulk of the decision didn’t hit me for several months. There was so much I still had to process. I did rest a lot during those upcoming months. What a great learning experience, isn’t it?