Stairway at Wreck Beach, Vancouver, BC Canada – September 2011 – Loralee Hutton

After some serious stair climbing, camping and other adventures while juggling business responsibilities my body decided it was time to rest. This wasn’t the first time I’ve taken an unplanned rest. And although it was a simple cold/flu bug I once again was faced with this dilemma of not being able to “get everything done” that was on my ‘to do list’.

So instead of moving on to the next adventure, a business decision was promptly made to stay in one spot for 2 weeks. It was time to unpack, recover and get back into the business groove.

During the resting stage I discovered a few things.

You might also love a blog post by Danielle Laporte at White Hot Truth about taking a pause (sadly, I’m still searching for the specific blog post – I’ll edit it the moment I find it. She speaks about taking a pause. A nice long pause between big projects. How the body needs it, the mind needs it, and if we don’t choose to take one, they tend to happen anyway. And how we can embrace them.
This past year I’ve taken on 1 big client project that propelled me into 60+ hour work weeks (her project and my own) for several months. Immediately after, I began working on another dream project, but at the same time I made a commitment to be involved in another masterminding program – it’s where I shine & when I do my best work. And as I was searching for the right and perfect mastermind I found 2. One, with all the normal structure I was used to (Virtual Mastermind), and another in the form of an 8 week online business school called RHH B-School that combined accountability, community & solid business training. I immersed myself in it – completely.

In these programs I found:

  • New opportunities to be creative.
  • To focus on my new ideal client avatar (really getting into psychographics and connecting on a deep level)
  • The wisdom of group interaction & how social media can truly bring together like minded people to do great work
  • I found a community where I could show up as ME, and have them mirror back my true gifts and talents.
  • Like-minded people who were also moving forward in their business – the forward motion was palpable
  • A platform to test out new ideas, products and programs and get almost immediate feedback.

It’s brilliant! And I moved on to create new things, build amazing relationships and business opportunities. And then had the courage to make a big move without changing my momentum.

And I forgot the basic life principle.

In order to have something of a higher nature, you must give up something of a lower nature.

Or – “Something’s gotta give!”

Simply, I needed to make room for the time it would take to move onto this new venture.

I wasn’t honoring my personal time, space to retreat, me time. This is so important, that it’s built right into my business plan – I just didn’t consult my business plan, or reinforce it.

So I’m taking it now, in a quiet hotel room with my laptop a journal and carving out space for only a few phone calls & one on one meetings. I’m taking long walks by the ocean, and discovery little spots of beauty (like this floating house below)

(floating houses in Victoria, BC – Loralee Hutton)


Do you need to take some time to rest? Can you do it before your body “forces you” to do it? I’d love to hear how you take time to rest, when it’s so easy to ‘be busy’.

~ Loralee

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