Yesterday I mentioned tools I use to make blog challenges a little easier.  But it’s not all about tech either. Part of what makes a blog challenge (or any challenge) really fun is telling friends about it.  So I naturally invited my friends to participate too.  Some thought it would be too hard, others figured they wouldn’t have enough to talk about on their blog, and a few even worried their readers might leave because they blogged too much. I’ve had those same concerns too.

Want to know how I deal with it?

When I worry about it being too difficult….

I tell myself I only need to participate for a week. If  I still love it, I can keep going.   It seems to calm my mind & I’m able to jump in with both feet & do my best to finish the first week, and then the second and third.  And, if I don’t get to the end I’ve still made significant progress. Especially with challenges like this. Winning (for me anyway) isn’t about getting 31 blog posts written. It’s about connecting with new people, hitting “Publish” more often, fixing things that were broken & learning new things. Already by the 2nd day I’ve accomplished that – and it just keeps getting better.

When I worry I won’t have enough to talk about…

I do this!

blog challenge calendar

I pull out a blank sheet of paper and doodle, until it feels possible (In this case, it felt like I had TOO much I wanted to write about). And even if this isn’t the format I’ll end up using, it gave me a great start last week & I’m able to move things around to make more sense during the remainder of the month.

This same simple process is what I use to plan out my year too. It’s just a guideline (similar to the map you use to get from here to Disneyland) It’s not super important that you take one highway, vs another, but it’s important you know the direction you’re headed, so you can eventually get there.  This is my way of glancing at my map, for a little while & knowing I can do it!

When I worry about readers possibly leaving because I blog too often…

I write a little note at the top of my first couple of posts that say something like,

I’m in a blog challenge.  If you’re reading this on your RSS or are set to daily emails you’ll see a lot of extra messages for the rest of the month. I hope that’s cool!

That’s it! Nothing fancy. And so far it’s worked out just fine!  No mass unsubscribes.

And the tools!   I’ve made a short video to share two of the tools I immediately used during this challenge.

The tools I mention in the video:

  1. Hootsuite  – I use the free account, but they’re currently offering 25% off Pro plans until Dec 31, 2013 with  Coupon Code: HOOTXA25413 – including their University
  2. Editorial Calendar  Plugin for WordPress – Free

What do you use to help make challenges easier?  Let me know in the comments below.

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