Top 3 Ways to Stop Growing Pains

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stop biz growing painsThere comes a time in every business where the things that used to work – the things that helped you realize the level of success you have today, just don’t cut it anymore.

In many businesses, it happens more than once!

Each time you move to a new level there will be a new pain.

This type of pain is good because it signals growth.

Today’s guest post is by the lovely Amber McCue – {find out more at the bottom of this post}

Maybe you’ve been there, so you understand. In case you are waiting for it or wondering what I am referring to, the pain can show up in a variety of ways:

Feelings of overwhelm.

  • There is simply too much for one person to do.
  • Teams aren’t working together well or there is confusion within the team.
  • Realization that you are leaving money on the table because the follow-up process is lacking.
  • Lack of clarity on what to do next.
  • Feelings of going through the motions vs. being excited about your business.
  • Unexpected and increased expenses to solve problems that arise.

It’s how you, as a business owner, respond to these key inflection points that makes the difference.

How you respond determines if you are moving forward or backward in your business. There is no such thing as no movement.

imageThe team members, systems, processes, sales techniques, marketing plans, financial management techniques, that work will need to be revisited and realigned for every new level. While this can seem completely overwhelming, there are ways to focus your efforts for maximum impact. To move through from one level to the next seamlessly, focus on these three areas:

  1. People + Team
  2. Systems
  3. Business Strategy

People + Team

The people that support your business are a reflection of you and your brand. Having a team to support you is critical as you move through phases of growth as they enable to serve and focus on what you do best. Do they know and represent your brand in everything they do? Are they familiar with your current vision or business strategy? Do you have the right people with the right skill sets on your team? Do you have a team in place? Are your team members committed to the success of your business? And don’t forget the business owner – You! Are you doing the right thing for your business? Do you set a good example? Do you act like a leader of the business versus a manager?


I’m referring to business systems, processes, and operations here. For example, what is your follow up approach after client prospect meetings? How do you manage your financials? How does your team interact to execute on a project? Is your process for marketing and executing on your editorial calendar sustainable? Do your business operations allow you to focus on what you do best? Often times our systems need revision before we hit the critical point of change. Systems and process can be built for change and to flex as you grow. You can considerably reduce pain and pressure if you set up flexible systems and processes before you think you need them.

Business Strategy

Finally, as you shift, things get uncomfortable, and you grow, you’ll want to revisit your strategic plan. Consider, does the business strategy you have fit your future business plans? Does your business model work? Is it financially viable to continue your business in its current operating model or is a big shift necessary? For example, if you are doing coaching today, it is scalable? Do you still enjoy doing one-on-one coaching? If you are offering group programs today, can you sustain the launch-hustle model you have? Is your marketing effective? Do you enjoy the people you are serving? Having a current business strategy and plan will help you, your team members, and any strategic partners you have understand what they need to do to bring your vision to life.

Your team and strategic partners can support you better if they know where you are going.  Are you ready for your next level of success?

Want to add a tip or two yourself? Or maybe tell us about your growing pains? Comment below & join the conversation.

 Guest Post: Amber McCue

Amber_McCueAmber McCue is an entrepreneurial business coach and small business consultant, teaching leaders how to run a business that increases their bottom line. She’s highly skilled in developing helping leaders put their business strategies into action while successfully navigating the obstacles that come up along the way. Amber coached business leaders running startup to $30M budgets, and she has experience running her own business as the cofounder of a photography boutique. Amber is a business philanthropist and is currently consulting with entrepreneurs and small business owners one-on-one and in in her group program called How to Clone Yourself. Amber can be found at If you are interested in learning more about how to run your business efficiently, check out Amber’s running your business from A-Z series on Facebook.

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  1. Karen Yankovich

    I love love love this! Your tips are fantastic, I am for sure doing most/all of the business and design in my business, and it’s crazy. My tip? FOCUS. Set a timer if you have to. Do nothing else until you complete the task at hand. You’ll be amazed at how much more quickly it actually gets done when you commit to no distractions!

    • Amber

      Yes! Love the time tip!!!

  2. Stephanie

    Thank you so much for featuring Amber’s great tips on your site Loralee! I definitely experience growing pains. They morph + change but are always there as a sign that I’m moving in the right direction.
    Great post!

    • Amber

      Yes! You are moving in the right direction! 🙂

  3. Natalie

    I can definitely sympathize with the people aspect of growing pains. I constantly feel that there is so much more I could accomplish if I could bring someone on to help with my plans, but know that I need strong systems in place and a clearer sense of what I do and where I’m going before I bring someone on. I attempted to skip this step and brought on an assistant for awhile, which ultimately didn’t work because I didn’t yet have a clear enough sense of these things in order to train her in a way that would keep her full invested. I look forward to setting up stronger systems and bringing on an assistant down the line when things are much clearer for me.

    • Amber

      Yesssss people growing pains can be the worst. You think you have help and then… Not so much.

      Having systems set up in place will absolutely help set your “team” up for success; however, there are so many ways to make this happen. Engaging the right team member/assistant in building them with/for you can also be extremely valuable.

      I have someone creating my systems in one of my businesses right now b/c I have not interest and she. is. on. it. She develops, I review, we might toss it back and forth for a second, but she is saving me hours of work.

      She’s also the right person for the job. Fit and getting the right people on the team is a HUGE component!

  4. Christie Halmick

    I’m actually excited about all the growing pains I’m going through! It’s energizing. So many puzzles to figure out and strategies to explore. I can see the systems that need work and even that feels like a great challenge to conquer!

    • Amber

      Yes – Systems are fun!! The two tips I have for you as you create them are 1) be super clear, like you’d want your 13 year old to “get it” and 2) eliminate anything that feels even slightly redundant as you move through creating them. It’s easy to over engineer our systems. Make sense?

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