We’ve just wrapped up another year & I’ve been reflecting on the good, the bad and the….Well, you know!  And that comes with checking out the stats & noticing what’s working and what isn’t.

And I thought you might also like to know the posts & free downloads that had the most visits during 2012 (popular posts, or not?)

  1. Having fun with Quarterly Goals
  2. Working With Your Intuition
  3. The Top 5 Ways StartUps Waste Money
  4. 5 Business Women I would Love for you to know
  5. Are you charging enough?
  6. Organic Twitter growth: Reaching 2000 Twitter Followers
  7. How to make a simple ebook for free  (this page has some code errors from a plugin called Jetpack. I’m waiting for a fix from them. Sorry it looks so odd)
  8. Marketing & Newsletter Editorial Calendar: Where do I start?
  9. 2000 Follower Limit Twitter ~ How To Make Your Breakthrough
  10. Create Fillable PDF Forms

And maybe it’s no surprise that these are the top 5 downloads?

  1. Write an E-book by Loralee Hutton v.2.0 (343 downloads)
  2. Quarterly-Goal-Template-April-2012.pdf   (222 downloads)
  3. Newsletter-Promo-Calendar.xls    (165 downloads)
  4. Calculate-Your-hourly-Rate-for-Consultants.xls    (120 downloads)
  5. Host-a-Webinar-with-Free-Tools.pdf    (83 downloads)

Done For You report

If you’d like to create a 2012 summary post of your own, use this great tutorial and (done for you report – easy peasy! bookmark it for 2013 and add it to your google calendar today.  I did!)


Happy New Year!

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