Last month I posted one of my digital vision boards even though I was nervous to share it with the public. And after the initial jitters, realized how helpful it is to share things like this with you. Lots of people were grateful for the reminder of how easy it is to use Animoto, and went off to create opt-in messages for their websites. Other people who had never heard of creating a vision board, started new conversations.

And me? I saw several of the things on my vision board completely come to life.

So tonight I made the next one in a series of (hopefully) monthly vision boards that I’ll post here on the site. I’d love it if you share yours too.

 (you might want to adjust the volume before you click play. For some reason this one defaulted to  Max Volume by default)

How to share your Vision Board?

  • Link to a picture of your vision board on your blog in the comments section below
  • Upload a picture of your vision board on your FaceBook page & post a link on my FaceBook Business page
  • Don’t want to share it publicly? Send me a private message, or share it with a close friend.

Your vision board might look more like this (from a random search for images of Vision boards I found a traditional one from Nathalie Lussier & digital tutorial from Erin Blaskie)

Nathalie Lussier Vision Board

Digital Vision Board from Erin Blaskie |

p.s. if you’d like to make your own full length video here’s a $5 off coupon for an annual membership to animoto

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