Weekly RoundupThis is a new weekly blog series that might not find it’s name for a few weeks. It will be a collection of favorite finds I’ve discovered throughout the week & things I’ve shared in social media. Most often they’ll be free, or on some kind of crazy special deal / time limit.


Last week I sent out the first invites to AskLoralee.com. I’m thrilled to see new members signing up. It’s something that’s been in the works for so long. And even though it’s not completely ready, it’s a huge relief to be able to share it.

I’ve been doing a lot of  planning these past few weeks.  Starting with Amber McCues’ 2014 Planathon & the Tweak Your Lifestyle Workshop (with Melissa Ingold). This weekend I downloaded Leonie’s Incredible Life & Biz planners and printed the parts I like to include in my yearly plan, so I thought I’d share some of the planner resources with you too.

Oh, and one other thing. I added a new points feature to the shop. I’ve updated points balances, but there may be still some manually changes.  If your balance doesn’t seem right to you, let me know?

Let’s get on with the resources?!

Free Fun Downloads

Coloring Books for grown ups!
coloring book from Leonie


Yay! Beautiful free coloring books from Leonie Dawson.  For real, the kind you can print and color (Maybe I’ll share my coloring with you next week?)



Create a Wish Jar

Need a little extra joy in your life? Check out Clare’s Wish Jar (free printable’s) .  Use her pre-designed ones, or make your own.




Free Business-ey stuff!!

  1. Simply Measured – free reports (mostly free – you need to send a tweet or post a Facebook message to access them) that are really very impressive. Here’s a screenshot of my twitter report.
  2. Pretty Opt in Tutorials – from DYOB
  3. RescueTime

You may have seen a post about RescueTime two weeks ago on Facebook (tracking the number of hours I worked on my laptop & the time I goofed off).  This tool works nicely in the background & then sends me a reminder email once a week to check in.  By sharing it last week, I earned some pretty nice referral credits, but frankly haven’t taken much time to figure out how to use the premium version.  The free version is good enough for me.

Lots of  Planners this week!

  1. Leonie Dawsons Biz & Life Planners (I’ve already printed mine – I print a portion of it & add it to my business map)
  2.  Cotton Tail Creative 2 month planner
  3. Amber McCue – Freshstart

Big Sales this week:

This is the “time sensitive” part of the blog.

Hostgator:   75% OFF Hosting (starting at only $1.24/m) and $1.95 domains.

Wave Accounting – 3 months of Payroll for $5 (Jan, Feb, March payroll fees for a total of $5)


Things I’m testing this week:

  • Gumroad plugin that syncs to mailchimp and aweber
  • To Do list plugins for AskLoralee (the one I have currently installed is conflicting with the Q&A plugin)
  • Points wordpress plugin (log into the shop to see your credits)

Favorite Video this week!


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