Weekly Roundup Volume 2

by | Dec 7, 2013 | Business, weekly roundup

The first weekly roundup was such a hit that I decided to release this second one, early! On a new day, so you can peruse it over the weekend.  At your leisure.


This week has been full of “action taking”.  Last night I was feeling a bit frazzled & when I looked back at my calendar & realized all but one thing was checked off, I felt awesome! Of course, I’ve still added more to “the list” but it’s good to know that I’ve made huge strides.  I hope your week was super productive too!

In the last roundup, I mentioned I was testing out a points system for the shop here… Well, it works! Take a look?  If you’ve bought / downloaded with free credits from the biz training club, you’ll already have points on file.

rewards points

  P.s. There are 1,140,300 points credited to customer accounts this week- that’s a lot!

Recent Posts

anti-free badge

How to Transition from Free to PAID!

Guest Post by Anna Long-Stark:
I’m a big fan of free when it comes to building a business. You see, I believe that if you give away a lot of goodness, you will be rewarded greatly. I believe that new businesses (and existing ones) will grow more quickly and become more PROFITABLE if they can give stuff away for free. […]



How I Created a 30-Day Video Series in One Week with No Money, No Equipment, and (Almost) No Time

Guest Post by Eleanore Strong:

Many people dream of having a thriving Internet business, but struggle to find the time and energy to get things going. For a long time, I was one of those people. I’ve always loved to write and to explore what makes relationships work. Lately I’ve learned some powerful lessons about how to reduce the drama […]


Free Fun Downloads

Free Business-ey stuff!!

  1. Need to speed up your website?  This blog post from Marama at eSenseWebDesign.com is super detailed & easy to follow
  2. Email opens & spam boxes!  Ugh!  I’m always looking for ways to get more of my emails into the hands of people who subscribed to hear from me.  I tried out Mail Tester yesterday on two emails. Beyond the great sunshiney face, they also give some useful tips of where I’d lost those precious 2.5 points.mail_tester



Sort of Free – Business Stuff!

Swiftly will give you and I both a free task if you click through on this link.  https://swiftly.com/r/1405979  I had my Automate Your Biz book cover done earlier this week (See pics below) in about 30 minutes.  I just sent in a request, someone picked up the order, fixed it & sent it back.
automate_your_biz Before After
The Changes are subtle, but they’re what I asked for. It wasn’t a full redesign (I only paid $5) and she cleaned up the text & sent it back as a transparent file.  I pre-purchase 6 credits (through an Appsumo deal) and have a few things in mind to use up those credits.


Planners this week!

Adding to the planners list from last week, here are a few more:

  1. Huge list of free planners at ProductiveFlourishing.com
  2. Limetree planners – Free and beautiful
  3. She Planned It Primer here (Free – no opt-in required)  They have a course starting on December 10th you might want to consider too.
  4. Annual Review from Chris Guillebeau
  5. Great idea for a huge calendar for about $10.00  Ikea calendar hack
  6. Leonie Dawsons Biz & Life Planners   $10 (I’ve already printed mine – I print a portion of it & add it to my business map)
  7. Cotton Tail Creative 2 month planner (free)
  8. Amber McCue – Freshstart
  9. Hubspot Marketing Goals Calendar  (free)

Ikea Wall Planner from picture frame

CottonTail free 2 mo planner

Leonie Dawson Planner under 10

Limetree Fruit Planner free

Big Sales this week:

This is the time sensitive part of this blog post series!

Instead of promoting someone elses goodies this week, I’m mentioning my own earlybird pricing for AskLoralee.com

(You’ll need to click through to learn more – it’s available at this price for another 7 days)


Things I’m testing this week:

  1. Contest Blitz Plugin (that “might be” a hint about something coming up next week… but I’m not tellin’)
  2. A new social sharing button (possibly floating) as Flare doesn’t seem to be working with my site anymore


Favorite video this week!

Bschool friend Christina Rasmussen talking about her new book Second Firsts. This is worth listening too.


If you haven’t yet, would you take a few minutes to fill out my 2014 Survey? Your responses will help me craft better blog posts, programs (instead of guessing – because that’s just no fun!)


Swipe My Survey



“See you” next week.  And remember to find me on Facebook where I share lots of time sensitive downloads. And sign up for email updates.

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