Weekly Roundup Volume 4

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weekly roundup volume 4This weekly roundup is going to be quite short.  Mostly because I’m working on the follow up to the 2012 Roundup – it’s huge!!

This is a new weekly blog series that might not find it’s name for a few weeks. It will be a collection of favorite finds I’ve discovered throughout the week & things I’ve shared in social media. Most often they’ll be free, or on some kind of crazy special deal / time limit.


This week has been full of promotion (or maybe it’s just my perspective?) and I’m being “triggered” by a whole bunch of things. I’m a shy marketer (wonder if there is a treatment for that?) and even though there are some amazing things on deck, I’ve been really hesitant to shout them from the rooftop. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to keep a lot of things in my personal life, personal. So I’m not able to intersperse my “promotion” with a healthy dose of other things… I think this will change in 2014 – crossing my fingers I’ll have a bit more I can share publicly then. Would love to.

The 2 things I should be really focused on shouting from the rooftops?  12 Days of Christmas Giveaway, and the 2014 Jumpstart Business Bundle

Recent Posts

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Free Fun Downloads

28 Days of prizes at Be A Freelance Blogger and 52 Free Resources for Freelance Bloggers  (most of these are great for anyone who runs an online business, not just freelance bloggers)

12 days Christmas

Seriously worth checking out. There are over $3500 in gifts in this giveaway (winners will be announced on the 24th)

Free Business-ey stuff!!

Holiday Business Blitz

Not doing much next week (besides drowning the days in egg nog and listening for Santa’s sleigh bells?) Well NOW YOU ARE! FREE week-long productivity challenge! Join us for the year’s quietest week and get free tips to get your business ready for BLAST OFF in 2014! Check it out: http://www.jessicakupferman.com/bizblitz


If you use affiliate links, you can’t use Mailchimp?  This topic comes up quite often in the circles I’m in.  Here’s a great article that explains this is a myth. There are very successful businesses using affiliate marketing right.  Read more here: http://kb.mailchimp.com/article/does-mailchimp-ban-affiliate-links


Awesome & funny video about Zapier and how it can help you grow your mailing list, from Natalia Real (Website Superhero) at http://ftawebsites.com/2013/12/19/how-to-integrate-paypal-with-mailchimp/ 

Cool analysis tool from http://likealyzer.com/ (Tip:  View yours, or your “competitors” to see how you compare- interesting data & lots of tips)


Big Sales this week:

Jumpstart Bundle_Loralee_Hutton  $39 for $800 of digital products (bundled together to gift a family with birds to create their own farming business)

Things I’m testing this week:

  1. Several woocommerce plugins (including Sensei, groups, affiliate pro) on a test website
  2. Continuing to plan for 2014 with Leonie Dawsons Planner and little snippets from other people who have made planning a topic in their newsletters, and online. It’s coming together nicely.

Favorite Funny this week!

Close to home (sort of) in Nelson, BC a woman came home to find a very big cat, stuck in her blinds. I love how cats in the wild are not that much different than our domestic friends.  This video pokes a little fun at us (Canadians) and I loved it.

Happy Holidays!  See you next week.


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  1. Nat

    Cool roundup, Loralee! I love the idea of weekly roundups 🙂 I’ll be checking some of those out.

    Thanks for including my post! Hope it helps people. Zapier’s amazing.

    Oh, and the treatment for a shy marketer? WINE.


    • Loralee Hutton

      Great tip Nat! Thanks!! 🙂

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