Weekly Roundup Volume 5

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weekly roundup 5Happy New Year!  This weeks post is a little bit late (sorry about that).  I’ve had one of those “life hiccups” that kept me away from the computer most of this past week.


I’m keeping this post super short again.  My theme for 2014 is “Work Less, Earn More!”  (that’s my plan at the start of the year anyway).  And that may mean I won’t be as long winded  – I guess time will tell?

When I am working it’s almost all AskLoralee.com projects. I’m thinking of adding a Classifieds element to the membership (so you could advertise your services, or also look for people to help you as you’re building your business.  Want to cast your vote? It should take less than 2 minute of your time.


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12 Days Christmas

Winners of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

by  on January 13, 2014 in Business   In December 2013 I ran a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.  Congratulations to the winners! Loralee Hutton – two – 1 year AskLoralee.com membership $97 x 2 (winner: Sabrina Ziegler, Tiffani Keaton) Rachel Rofe -Hands Off Books $97 (winner: Nancy Norbeck) Nikole Gipps from That Super Girl – Wrap Up Your Website $250 (winners: Alisa Ugaldi and Cynthia White) […]Continue Reading  0


Free Fun Downloads

This contest is still running:
28 Days of prizes at Be A Freelance Blogger and 52 Free Resources for Freelance Bloggers  (most of these are great for anyone who runs an online business, not just freelance bloggers)

Free Business-ey stuff!!

AskLoralee Membership & most of my courses completely free

I’d be a silly girl if I didn’t mention the free membership level at AskLoralee.com. I’ve put a ton of new content into the site & will do a proper launch very soon. But until then, check out the free level & the very affordable way you can get access to the premium offering until Jan 31st.

What’s inside AskLoralee.com?

  • 24/7 access to resource guides and training material
  • Access to premium WordPress plugins themes & graphics (over $200 value)
  • immediate access to “Essential Tools” training course, Your First Webinar course and other courses in the Biz Training Club (value over $250)
  • live Q&A calls at no extra cost
  • live workshops at substantial discount
  • Bonus vault (includes premium WP themes, graphics, plugins – over $200 value)
  • lock in your price for life (no price increases as long as you’re an active member)


Free WordPress Business ToolKit from WP Academy

  • “WordPress Essentials for Business” short course
  • “WordPress Website in 1 Hour” Webinar Recording
  • Bonus #1: Create Professional Videos From Your Home Studio For Under $500
  • Bonus #2: WP Clone Plugin


BizTopia Challenge 

Here are just a few things you’ll learn during the Biztopia Challenge:

  •  How to listen to your own intuition so that you can easily enroll clients without feeling like you’re selling your soul
  • Authentic strategies to build your list and attract ideal clients by speaking your Truth
  • The most important thing you must know about yourself before you set any more goals
  • How to network and grow your business in community instead of being in fear of “the competition”

Reserve your spot in the Biztopia Challenge here 


3 Free Photoshop training courses at Udemy

Thanks Nicola Holland for the awesome tip

  1. https://www.udemy.com/photoshoptraining/
  2. https://www.udemy.com/photoshop-tools-in-10-easy-steps/
  3. https://www.udemy.com/awesome-photoshop-lightroom-tips/

Blog Post Giving Away Free Training Documents for VA’s



Creative Live: Finance Basics – Accounting and QuickBooks skills


Big Sales this week:

$10 Deals at Udemy – Crazy number of courses marked down to only $10 this week (until Jan 23) or 40% off absolutely any course with CHEERS40

Use Coupon Code ONLY10 to get the $10 deal or CHEERS40 to get 40% off

Udemy 10 dollar sale

Inbox BluePrint – cool new training program

I watched this short Free video on Wednesday… I don’t often share things that look like “quick money making” programs, but really liked Aniks approach & his process is very simple (and the course is super affordable.  It’s worth watching, even if you’re just looking for a clever example of a marketing approach.

The video features 5 students who were all struggling for a minimum
of 2 years (sort of in a “reality tv show” style).
Oh, and if you don’t have time to watch, click through & then click the “x” to close the window. You’ll see an exit popup. Say you want to stay on the page & grab his free BluePrint ebook. It’s really good.


Things I’m testing this week:

  1. Continuing to plan for 2014 with Leonie Dawsons Planner and little snippets from other people who have made planning a topic in their newsletters, and online. It’s coming together nicely.
  2. Master Gmail course – from Udemy

Favorite Funny this week!

I need a good laugh… can you link some funny posts or videos so I can include them next week?

Did you cast your vote? I’d love to know what you think about adding a classified element to AskLoralee.com It should take less than 2 minute of your time.

Have an awesome week! See you soon.



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  1. Christopher James

    Is the Biztopia challenge still on?

    • Loralee

      probably not Christopher. I believe it was 60 days during Feb/March, but I could be wrong. Maybe check in with Amethyst Mahoney to find out when she’s offering it again?


  2. Catherine

    Even more signs pointing to my need to switch to wordpress! Thanks for the tips and nudge 🙂