Weekly Roundup Volume 6

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Weekly Roundup 6In this weeks roundup post you’ll find I’ve discovered some “oldies, but goodies, along with a couple of things that I believe will make your business a lot more profitable.  It’s been an interesting week of discovery.

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This has been a “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of  month for me.  Has it been for you as well? I’m keeping this post super short again, but still packed with some awesome resources.

Last week I asked:

If I added a classified feature to AskLoralee.com would you use it to list your products, services?

The results are in:

89% voted Yes!

Free Fun Downloads

  1.  “Love What You Do” Coloring book from Mailchimp.  I know it’s for kids…. but seriously take a look. It’s fun!

mailchimp coloring book

  1.  Download AudioBooks for FREE  ==>> http://buff.ly/15MPguS


Want more great Freebies? Check out my Resource Guides (packed full of goodies). Or sign up for my weekly freebie tools updates.

3. Get Rich Lucky Bitch! Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First Class Life (Denise Duffield-Thomas)

(click through and scroll down – there’s a lot of goodies on this page)


Free Business-ey stuff!!

Mailchimp Library1.  Resource Guides (and LOTS of them)

This week I stumbled on 3 different online libraries with information targeted towards online business owners.

  1. Desk.com Library  (The WOW Guide to providing amazing customer service during the holiday rush, Building a Customer Service Dream Team, Dominate Twitter and more – 12 in total)
  2. Mailchimp Library  (Mailchimp for Online Sellers, Commmon Email Marketing Rookie Mistakes, Understanding Reports, How to Create an Email Marketing Plan – 20 in total)

2.  Analytics & Tracking with ClickTale


I’ve talked about CrazyEgg and google analytics before. And they’ve filled a gap when I didn’t know what was happening with my site online.  But ClickTale takes it a step further, giving me direct insight into how people are using my site.  Huge, huge help over at AskLoralee.com this week when I noticed that people were not able to access the register/login button.

I’m using their free account right now & looking into the upgrade (strangely, I can’t just click a button to purchase, but need to contact support to buy their upgrade)

3.  Google Helpouts

HelpoutsNot exactly sure how I missed this, but in November Google launched “Helpouts”. It’s a paid service (must go through an interview with google), and a great opportunity for online business owners.



4. Paypal News – Pay without leaving merchant site

PayPal In Context

Great article from VentureBeat here about the rollout of these features from PayPal (not yet available for us small business owners)

Big Sales this week:

GrafiQuaria  (about $10 – its a dimesale so the price goes up)

Here’s What You Get:

  • Front-end access will have 20 different modules with over 750+ elements in one cheap bundle
  • A quick run-through of how to quickly edit a file according to their preference.

New things added to AskLoralee.com this week:


  1. Added content for two new courses (Social Media 101, Creating Your own Affiliate Program).
  2. Updated “Graphics Resources Guide” and made it available to the public
  3. Made the Listbuilding 101 course live
  4. Updated the WordPress Basic to Advanced page

Things I’m testing this week:

  1. Graphicquaria images (adding them to AskLoralee and a sales page I’m building)
  2. Classifieds plugins for AskLoralee (see note above about the results of last weeks vote)
  3. An alternative to the Q&A plugin at AskLoralee.com – the one I’m currently using keeps locking out pai members – very frustrating.

Favorite Fun post this week!

Cat Heaven

Really cool adaptation of the “cat tree” most cat owners have had in their home! Original Article on Mashable

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Have a great weekend! See you next week.

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  1. Dan Brusca

    A link to free audiobooks. Nice!

  2. Marianne

    Great roundup Loralee! I saw you mentioned somewhere that these take you hours to do. I get it! I’m thinking I may discontinue mine :{

  3. Lacy

    Thanks Loralee! I love these posts!

    • Loralee

      Thanks Lacy!! I really enjoy putting them together.