Weird Days

by | Apr 5, 2013 | Business | 4 comments

photo credit: Won-Tolla via photopin cc

photo credit: Won-Tolla via photopin cc

Do you ever have a completely weird day & you could choose to completely break down and cry.

Or you could laugh?  Laugh until your cheeks hurt?

Today was one of those days!  I logged into to my website mid afternoon, already far, far behind on my projects for the day & hoping to just grab a quick link to hand to a potential client.  And instead of seeing my own face smiling at me, I saw this

Yep!   Pretty much a blank screen!WordPress Blank Screen

30 minute later, a chat with an group of awesome Facebook friends, and a lot of laughter I figured out the problem.

I’m so glad I don’t freak out about these things anymore.

And then another delightful surprise.  In my inbox this time, the confirmation for a long awaited ticket to WDS (a conference I promised myself I would attend this year – and this has an epic unfolding as well – maybe I’ll share it with you later. But let’s just say I’ve been gifted the price of admission).WDS

I know, I know! If you haven’t heard of WDS before it sure sounds like an unusual place for me to hang out.  But here’s the thing.  The people that gather at this event are really revolutionary.  They’re interesting & interested.  And many are already amazing real life friends.  I need more In Real Life connections.

And I’m guessing a few of you might even have some Pinky & The Brain phrases running through their minds right now?

Remember it?

And now I must, must stop watching old Pinky & the Brain videos and finish up that new course for the Biz Training Club!  I’ve promised to send it out tomorrow.  Wish me luck?

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  1. Paula - Buenos Aires

    I have some friends going this year. It is going to be awesome! Enjoy your participation. 🙂
    Love Pinky and the Brain too.

  2. Minette Riordan

    Love weird days like this when life just reaches out to hold, hug and celebrate you! Congrats on the ticket, woot woot!

  3. Lorena

    I am definitely going to WDS next year– no matter what!

    • Loralee

      If you want to come this year there’s still time for ticket transfers. Just keep your eyes and ears open (or I can send you a note when I see them). Would be awesome to meet you IRL