what would I change30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 2

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The big question today is:

If you woke up tomorrow and were free to do anything you wanted with your life, what would you do and who would you be?

30 day challenge


Great question, since I’ve been doing the Lifestyle Design creation thing for several years now, but still don’t have it quite sorted out. In my ideal world I would feel a lot less stress than I do right now. I would take more time to do fun things, meet cool people and fly to meet my friends and family more often.  But it’s just a choice, really. If I wanted it more than anything else, I would make it happen.

So, why don’t I play todays’ game this way?  Here’s what I would change, and what I would keep exactly the same!

What I would change?

  • If I could, I would have a magic box tell me exactly which product I should/could focus on this month.
  • If I knew exactly what to focus on, I would take a full week off every month to make a stellar product & then promote it for the remainder of the month
  • If I had a pretty little bow wrapped around the things I had created already (a.k.a. clear branding), I would offer them in a bundle / membership site / program
  • If I had a cleaner sales funnel, I would feel free to travel more (and risk having less than consistent wifi – because let’s face it. Traveling takes time and coffee shops are fun to work from when we’re not working about generating revenue  – not so fun when there are bumps in the road)
  • I would be consistently earning more money than I am in this moment. (consistency being the main focus)
  • I would write more often

What I wouldn’t change?

  • Having created a business that I can run from anywhere (even when I choose to have a home base and work in my Pj’s)
  • Meeting amazing clients, friends, JV partners, other entrepreneurs online & in person.
  • I wouldn’t want to stop creating classes, programs, products, training materials
  • Having tried working for 18 months while housesitting, camping and traveling around in my little car (2011-2012)


I’ve often opened up a word document and started off writing, “What I would do if I were starting over from scratch”. Because hindsite is such a clever thing, isn’t it? And often it comes down to strange little things. Things like finding a great company name, hiring staff earlier, firing staff faster than the last time, creating a product sooner or buying a better laptop  And,then it turns into not being so scared to have that TV interview, finding the cashflow to go to that event & meet someone new, taking risks.

So that is what I’ve done this year. I’ve found ways to take risks, to allow myself to be scared and to create and share what I hope will help other people, even when I’m pretty sure someone else could do it so much better than I ever could. I’ve been stepping up to the plate, more often than not- and that’s something I wouldn’t change for the world.

I’m curious. What would you change?


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