What’s new in November

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Business

What’s new in November

by Nov 9, 2015Business

It seems pretty amazing to me that we’re already almost half way through the 2nd last month of the year. I’ve done an abysmal job of posting regularly on my blog. So I thought at the very least I’d post a short update to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes (so to speak).

I’ve asked for help getting some of my blog draft backlog caught up

drafts-her-pertable-biz-blog       We’re using my co-schedule account – but honestly I’m still procrastinating on the whole thing… Happen to you too? Lots of updates in the Portable Biz Club

Our Facebook is growing!

We’re still under 100 people – and even though we’re growing we’re attracting more and more amazing people, who are kind, helpful and focused on building their online business. Facebook Group Portable Biz Club   If you’re not already in the group, we’d love you to join us!. <<== click to join

Teachable school Workarounds

If you’re using Teachable for your online courses you’ll find a collection of my workarounds and trouble shooting tricks in my knowledge base. Of course, there’s lots of tips there for other thing as well. (Including the option to send me a message or ask a new question.)

Ask questions and get support

You don’t need to bookmark the page (although you can if you want). Links to the knowledge base are on the support tabs here and at the PortableBiz.Club

Things you may have missed in October

  1. Interviewed in this article on EveryDayHealth
  2. Participated in a 24 hour list building challenge (if you’re in the Facebook group, you can see the results here)
  3. Started using the Notes feature in Facebook to do some extra blogging, including a post about my friend Alex Baisley and a free course. They’ve both had some comments and shares, but really, way less traffic than I was hoping to see. For some reason I thought writing a blog style post on Facebook might get a bit more traffic than a post on my own blog – but it didn’t.
  4. Participated in the free Blogging Summer School (although I kind of dropped off at lesson 4)
  5. My kindle books were both on free promo for 5 days. I’ll probably do it again in 6 months time.
  6. I upgraded to the paid plans of Buffer, Uberconference, Canva, Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign. All have been downgraded again this month, except the ActiveCampaign account (ask me in the Facebook group or comments if you want to know more)
  7. Removed 1500 people from my main email list. I’ll send out a few messages in the coming months to see if they’re still interested – some have been around since 2005 and might just need to be in my contact list, vs getting updates about work.
  8. I got a new laptop and started recording tutorial videos again. Some can be found on my youtube channel, and others are inside courses.
  9. The school met it’s 300 “student” target for October 31st, and we’re half way there already for November. I feel confident that the 2015 goal of 500 will be met – which makes me pretty happy.

Please don’t read this and think I’ve done a lot – it’s all relative. I could have done far better with the time I was given this month.

and remember, I don’t have little ones at home, or any other big commitments – this is my full time “job”.


What’s Loralee up to this week?

  1. apparently, she’s talking in the third person 🙂
  2. Q & A calls with VIP members of the Portable Biz Club
  3. Working on content for an updated email course
  4. Shopping for a new microphone that will work well with my Asus Chi T300 for making videos / podcast
  5. (Mon-Fri) Participating in the NiceOps 2016 Planathon http://www.2016planathon.com/ and building out my plan for 2016 (I use a combo of this planathon, Leonie Dawsons Amazing Biz planner, and add in the other pieces that I think are essential (for me).

If you’re interested in a short update of the tools I’ve tried, you might want to jump onto this list, to get weekly updates.

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