Where did I go?

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Main

I can’t help wondering if my wish yesterday really did come true. I hoped no one would read by blog post, and sure enough, the blog and about page on my site won’t load. The only way to read the post is to have a direct link.

I couldn’t replicate the problem if I tried, but it does seem to be a strange irony that it happened within a few hours of hitting ‘publish’ on the first day of my new blogging adventure.

But what I really wanted to talk about (or at least start talking about) today is:

Where did I go?

I fell down a rabbit hole. A very deep rabbit hole that seems nearly impossible to climb out of. Overwhelmingly complicated and probably incredibly simple for someone else.

After spending the winter grieving the loss of my father, and working customer support for a startup tech company, I realized something that I didn’t understand how to implement.

I absolutely LOVE answering non stop emails from entrepreneurs who have questions about getting and keeping their business running.

I just literally don’t know how to implement it in the way my business is currently structured.

For people who are coders, website designers, etc, there are places like codeable, upwork and guru.com

But I believe (and I could be wrong) that it would mean building up a significant customer base, constantly working to bring in new customers, on top of the support I love so much.

Or, that I would need to approach another software company, and become a subcontract employee.

If there’s another simpler way, I haven’t thought of it yet.

And, so I go back to working on building a better membership site, in the hopes that I can continue helping lots of people in a group environment.

Yet, I hit roadblock, after roadblock (today being a good example, where my blog page and about page are completely invisible – likely some kind of complication with caching and the server I’ve chosen).

I’m quite aware that when I’m hitting roadblocks, it usually means I’m heading in the wrong direction. Yet, part of me also believes I need to push through, or “solve the problem” instead of just giving up.

And so I go into another day (today) trying to solve the problem that’s in front of me (why some pages of my site aren’t visible  (my blog page being one of them) on this new and faster server, so that I can finally open up the new membership area & begin helping more people… my dream.


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