Why my website sucks!

by | Jan 16, 2012 | Business, Tools

it sucksYeah, you read that right. My websites sucks! It’s not just that the design isn’t pleasing to my own eyes (that’s only a small portion).

  • My website doesn’t have a clear focus
  • It doesn’t grab the readers attention immediately. She doesn’t know if she’s “in the right place”.
  • She isn’t encouraged to stay in touch with me (with the exception of some small attempts to invite her to sign up for my newsletter – boring!)
  • When she comes to my “Work with me” page, she’s confused! She sees ramblings about what I’d like to offer, but no real clear call to action.
  • My social media buttons don’t always work
  • There is nothing here that brings people back – over and over again.

Phew! That’s a lot of things that ‘don’t work’.

Earlier this year I started doing some market research using fiverr.com I found it fascinating to create tiny little projects, create mini-sales pages and find out what piqued peoples interest. And do you want to know the one that gets the most conversions (# of sales divided by # of visits – good numbers to know)?

A gig that I called, “I’ll give you my first impression of your website!”

Seriously! People buy it week after week after week, with raving reviews. Why? Probably a few reasons.

  1. They know they have low conversions on their site, but don’t know why

  2. We all have biased opinions of our own site (it’s hard to know what’s working and what isn’t)

  3. Friends and family rarely tell you the truth (or maybe better yet, you don’t want to hear it from them)

So, after months and months of providing these little 5 minute videos I’m starting to see some really big trends. And it’s painful to know that mine is suffering from almost ALL of the problems I point out to these website review customers. Good grief!
I encourage them to take little steps to make changes to their site and it wouldn’t hurt to take my own advice. So I’m going to ask you. What will you change about your website today that will make it easier for your website visitors? Easier for them to return to your site, or to take the next step with you.

And for bonus points – if you were me, what would you change about this website first?

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