Winners of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

by | Jan 13, 2014 | 12 Days Giveaway

In December 2013 I ran a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.  Congratulations to the winners!

  1. Loralee Hutton – two – 1 year membership $97 x 2 (winner: Sabrina Ziegler, Tiffani Keaton)
  2. Rachel Rofe –Hands Off Books $97 (winner: Nancy Norbeck)
  3. Nikole Gipps from That Super Girl – Wrap Up Your Website$250 (winners: Alisa Ugaldi and Cynthia White)
  4. Victoria Cunningham – 21 Day StretchBoyMind Bootcamp $102 (winner: Melissa Burford)
  5. Alisa Ugalde – Custom Sales Script Strategy Call $495 (winners: Julia M, Lacy Boggs, Julie King)
  6. Marianne from DYOB – Strategy Session $150  (winner: Marianne Botting)
  7. Laura Wallis – 60 Minutes to a Lifetime Sales $147 (winner: Rhonda Lee)
  8. Laura Wallis – 30 Minute to a Lifetime Sales (winners: Nancy Norbeck, Renee S, Christine D’Auria, Holly Sugrue)
  9. Clare Fielder Bundle from The Virtual Nudge $100  (winner: Julia Neiman)
  10. Julia McPherson Help Me Now Web & Marketing package$149(winners: Sabrina Ziegler, Lacy Boggs, Lisana Piro, Holly Sugrue)
  11. Trisha Townsend – Hypnotherapy sessions $100 (winner: Raine)
  12. Marama Carmichel from eSense Web Design  $100 voucher  (winner: Rhiannon Morales)
  13. Rhonda Lee – Laugh Away Stress $47  (winner: Debi Leonard)
  14. Julia Neiman Set SMART Goals$99 (winner: Leslie Keffler)
  15. Amy Scott Create Your Nomadtopia home study $97 (winner: Trisha Townsend)
  16. Alex Baisley of Big Dream Program – 30 Day Inner Roadtrip$116 (winners: Renee S, Jessica Pratt, Trisha Townsend)
  17. Jessica Kupferman 60 minute Business Laser Beam $250 (winner: Elizabeth G)
  18. Judy Tweal – Intuitive Energy Healing:Mini $99  (winner: Janelle Lopez)
  19. Karen Yankovich – LinkedIn Stars $87  (winner: Deb Lange)
  20. Renee Shupe – 2 Months Build An Awesome Business Membership $130  (winner: Christine D’Auria)


Raine Boyd LimeTree Fruit Planners

  1. Tanisha Carter
  2. Melissa Burford
  3. Jessica Pratt
  4. Christine D’Auria
  5. Lisana Piro

3 Months access to

  1. Rhonda
  2. Alisa Ugalde
  3. Nancy Norbeck
  4. Deb Lange
  5. Renee
  6. Cynthia White
  7. Elizabeth Goddard


Plus, we had 3 very generous gifts given to everyone who entered!

1. Lead Generation Planner And Tracker

PLUS Group Call  from Caylie Price  ($97.00)lead_generation_better_business_better_life

2. Cake book from Liz Scully!

healthy cake

It’s availablein epub, mobi & PDF, so you can use it on any device. Grab your copy here


3. Ultimate Guide to Building Your Editorial Calendar

  ~ From Lacy Boggs of

Click through to get your copy (if you entered the contest, the direct link is included in your email. The link on this blog post takes you to the sign up page. Just enter your email address to get immediate access)


Happy New Year!! And once again, congratulations to the winners & thank you to all of the amazing people who contributed gifts this year!

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